Over The Rainbow

Got that rainbow flare again, always a surprise when that shows up because it’s not visible when the photo is being taken. These are my best spring neutrals!  Though I feel as if neutrals are everywhere now so I don’t want to wear them as much.  I want some hot pink skirts!  Unfortunately none of the ones I tried at Zara fit, all either too big or too small.  I’ll just have to keep looking (but if you know of any hot pink/fuchsia skirts do tell, I’m dying to have one).

Happy spring!  It’s beach sunny in New York right now, you could get a tan walking on the street.  I’m off to the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale and twitter says there’s already a huge line (noooooooooooo), so wish me luck finding a pink bag!

Little Leopards On My Feet

Look!  Shenneth and I must have been on the same wavelength with these colors.  I do admit to a huge fondness for rust and whatever peachy/salmony color this top is.  I was actually able to take off my tights later in the day, and I’ve pretty much been wearing bare legs since about a week ago.

I’ve finally come to a conclusion about my spring/summer wardrobe.  I’m going totally vintage.  I’m starting to look for full skirts and 70s-inspired pieces.  I got my Anthropologie happy birthday 15% off last week so hopefully that will help!

Remember the Time I…

wore this last week?  Well, I wore it again with basically one modification.

Yeah, how original of me… copying myself!  I actually like the original better because of the necklace.  Unfortunately a necklace won’t work with this shirt, the top just ends up crumpled.  Also, these pants need to be hemmed right away.  Somehow during the course of the day they actually managed to end up under my 3.5 inch heels.  Not so good, but at least I noticed and didn’t wear a hole through the bottoms (I have been guilty of that on many occasions before– you’d think I’d learn!).

I have a bridal shower to attend tomorrow (for a wedding that I received a +1 invitation to… I’m old).  What should I wear?  I’m planning on being the Hipstamatic paparazzi there and I may even buy a new Hipstapak for the occasion.

Yeah, I’m that cool.

Least Brilliant Idea. Ever.

Guys.  Guys.  On Saturday I decided that since it was not raining for the first time in my (admittedly short when concerning the weather) memory, I should go out for an adventure.  To Waterside.  It did seem like a brilliant idea at the time.

And then I got there… and I realized why no one else was about.  The wind.  Crazy.

And I only got one semi-normal looking photo.  My hair.  It’s… I don’t even know where it is.

On the plus side, the park was mostly empty which significantly cut down on the what-is-that-crazy-doing looks.  And I had a lovely (windy) walk.

But I might have to brave the streets next time.  Tall buildings totally cut down on wind, right?

Weekender (For Real This Time)

Guys.  I think I finally got it.  A weekender look.  For real (but are the heels too much?).  I have the cotton thing down, mostly… also the loose open cardigan and denim as well.  This is a totally legit weekend ouftit, right?  Also, look up, there’s tiny growth on that tree!  There are going to be actual leaves soon.  So happy.

And also, if you’re interested in winning this necklace:

my internship is collaborating with Moxsie on Facebook for a contest– all you have to do to enter is post a photo of yourself to the event wall!

Tiny Flowers for Spring

29 March 2011

I realized after I wore this that the ruffles of my dress made weird lines on the sweater… oops, the thicker knits I usually wear with this dress don’t show the ruffles.  After I took it off I also realized that the sweater has at least 8 holes.  Time to search for a replacement I guess (especially because I wore it to work and then a casual happy hour/birthday celebration).

Please come soon, spring!  It was so windy again over the weekend (although the sun was shining) but it seems like it’s back to rain for the week again.  At least the temperatures are holding in the 50s?  Seriously though, if it’s warm enough to wear bare legs where you are and I haven’t commented on your blog in a while it means I’m too depressed to read it.  Spring is definitely late this year.  All I can say is that my March 2010 archives from last year look a lot different than March 2011.

…so I just checked the archives for real and I was definitely wearing this mid-March 2010:

Just… less rain please, weather.  I know rain is good but I’m starting to feel like I should enter for an puddle jumping contest because I would totally win.  And I would really like to completely repeat that outfit again this spring.

The Last of the Snow is Behind Me… I Hope

26 March 2011

As of Saturday there was still snow on the ground.  It’s gone now though, but still.  Gah.  Despite how lovely and sunny and springy the first photo looks it was actually cold enough for gloves and way too cold to be in summer weight fabrics with cap sleeves.

Practical dressing is really not my strong suit.

These are my new jeans, they’re what I was braving the ice rain for in SoHo last week (they were on sale, I had to go- $15 off!).  They’re the new(ish) Levi’s Curve ID and the fit is a lot better than I expected, almost perfect for me.  They’ve stretched out more than I hoped for though so I might buy the next size down as well for a slimmer fit.  Designer denim is apparently just a huge waste of money for me, if you want any of it let me know, I’ll be purging most of my collection this weekend.

So excited to be wearing heels again that I’ve been wearing these boots nonstop.  My feet were hurting a bit today and I took the Dr. Scholls foam insoles out… somehow they’re much more comfortable without them?

Spring Outerwear: Pink Coat

19 Mar 2011

I may have brought out this coat a little too early… I don’t think it’s spring trench weather quite yet (especially because it rained ice on my head twice today) although clearly last weekend I thought it was.  I’m just very happy to be able to have a little more variety with everything I wear.

I hope your first week of spring is… well, springy.  I know I could probably do without pelting by ice chunks.

Black and White Week!  If your skies are looking a little grey why not post in monochrome?

Coach scarf and coat, Anthropologie shirt (under there somewhere), LOFT skirt, Commando tights, Deena & Ozzy/Urban Outfitters shoes.

Last of February

27 feb 2011

I’m so glad it’s going to be spring soon.  At the first sign of better weather I brought out my nude pumps.  I’ve missed them so much!  I’ve been wanting to try this with a scarf for a while although I think it would have been better with a sleeveless shirt or as part of a beach cover up or something… next time!  Also, I actually bought pants!  Well, sort of.  These are cargo jeggings, but since they’re like stretchy twill would that make them… tweggings?

Antik Batik scarf, LOFT shirt and belt, ken + dana design necklace sample (mine), Seven cargo jeggings, Sofft shoes.

Feeling Blustery

So remember when I talked about trying to cheer myself up when I’m feeling blah?  These photos were taken on one of those days.  It all started with me trying to wear these navy Merona/Target tights I picked up a few weeks ago.  They were on sale and they felt like good quality (they’re from the Premium line).  I had been wanting navy tights so I bought them.  Also, people seem to like the tights at Target a lot.

I bought S/M because my height and weight put me firmly in that size, but I definitely should have bought M/L or just gone with We Love Colors.  If you have a small waist I highly recommend them, the Merona tights should work perfectly for you.  And I will say that they’re good quality because they’re thick and feel like they would hold up well.  But if I want to wear them I’ll have fit some Spanx underneath.

Anyway, I was feeling blahhhhh raaarrrr these are too small but just want to wear my navy tights!  But I decided to change them out for black opaques, my favorites.  And then I said to myself: self, this is nothing you can’t fix by pulling your Rodarte for Target dress and some three inch heels.  Who cares if you’ll be sleeveless in 34 degree weather, you’re the only one that might be cold.  And then out into the blustery weather I went.  I had to take photos, of course.

And when I came back in I had a few spoonfulls of almond butter and a raw Pillsbury Valentine’s cookie just for good measure.

And I certainly felt a bit more cheery.

Rodarte for Target dress, LOFT belt, HUE tights, Sofft shoes.

That last photo is almost normal.  The rest are totally windblown!