Hurricane Before and After

So it was a little windy on Sunday after the hurricane, and unbelievably cool for August although the sun appeared late in the day. I’m still a little behind because of the disruption from the storm.

Everything cleared up rather nicely after the hurricane, although so many people I know were left without power for most of the week.

The rain wasn’t too bad Saturday before the hurricane so I kept my dinner engagement, thankful that I wore my rain boots because the puddles were much larger later in the evening. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve become obsessed with this sweater again. It seems like the perfect thing to wear when a heavier knit would be too warm.

And did anyone else with power still available notice Me, Myself & Irene on TV? Terrible timing.

Remember the Time I…

wore this last week?  Well, I wore it again with basically one modification.

Yeah, how original of me… copying myself!  I actually like the original better because of the necklace.  Unfortunately a necklace won’t work with this shirt, the top just ends up crumpled.  Also, these pants need to be hemmed right away.  Somehow during the course of the day they actually managed to end up under my 3.5 inch heels.  Not so good, but at least I noticed and didn’t wear a hole through the bottoms (I have been guilty of that on many occasions before– you’d think I’d learn!).

I have a bridal shower to attend tomorrow (for a wedding that I received a +1 invitation to… I’m old).  What should I wear?  I’m planning on being the Hipstamatic paparazzi there and I may even buy a new Hipstapak for the occasion.

Yeah, I’m that cool.

Where The Road Goes

This cross necklace is one of the surprise MVPs of the things I’ve borrowed.  It’s more versatile than I originally thought and it adds a bit of edge to anything.  Definitely one of ny favorites to borrow, although this is the first time I’ve worn the gold version.

For some reason this vest never makes it into photos, I don’t know why… it’s a little camera shy.  I just realized that it’s almost Easter and I don’t have anything to wear.  Okay, that’s a lie, but when I was younger I used to have Easter dresses.  I got a new dress for Easter every year and then I’d probably wear it again for any events in the summer.  I guess I’ve never gotten over that and every spring leaves me with a need-to-get-a-dress-now-it’s-almost-Easter-ahhhh feeling.

Ugh.  This wind!

Rain Rain Go Away

So about that spring thing… aren’t torrential downpours fun?  I had to put up my hair despite the umbrella as it was impossible to go out on Saturday without being soaked.  I swear it was raining from the ground up to the sky at one point.  I hardly ever put my hair up but am strongly considering it as a regular style due to the excessive amounts of rain… and I think it’s never a bad time for a bit of change.  I’m also taking suggestions for different hairstyles (bored of my short cut) but keep in mind that the back is significantly shorter and barely covers my neck.

I had a rather lazy Saturday and at one point I think I was actually a zombie, my allergies were that bad.  I’ve been doing the crazy hyped up/spaced out Mucinex DM thing since then and I’m not sure if I’m going to pass out or bounce off the walls right now.  But good news, I’m much better than I was on Saturday!

I had a little fun with some borrowed jewelry too.  The seafoam color of the ring and earrings just went so well with my ombre sweater.  I think I’m definitely going to try wearing this color combination again this spring.  I’m adding seafoam to the list of colors I’m committed to finding.

Spring Outerwear & Summer Jewelry

I ended up rushed to take these before I had to change and get ready to go out, which resulted in about three photos that were actually in focus.  And which means I didn’t get any head to toe photos without the coat, only the portraits were usable.  But I am just wearing jeans, you can probably just fill them in with your imagination!  This vintage coat was a gift from my cousin around the winter holidays.  I’ve worn it between then and now but this is the first time I’ve actually gotten a photo.  It’s a good spring/fall weight jacket and blocks the wind wonderfully.  However, that means it’s also far too warm for temperatures above 70, I would definitely roast!

I pulled out my summer jewelry because I was feeling especially bright.  The bangles are from seasons past at J.Crew and still among my favorite pieces.  The turquoise bracelet was a gift from a friend.  Isn’t the color really wonderful?  It’s not really a valuable type of turquoise (I basically play with pretty rocks at work now) but I think I prefer it because it’s more interesting.  My turquoise necklace is also vintage and a gift from the same friend for my birthday last year.  Hard to believe it’s actually only a few weeks away again…

Weekender (For Real This Time)

Guys.  I think I finally got it.  A weekender look.  For real (but are the heels too much?).  I have the cotton thing down, mostly… also the loose open cardigan and denim as well.  This is a totally legit weekend ouftit, right?  Also, look up, there’s tiny growth on that tree!  There are going to be actual leaves soon.  So happy.

And also, if you’re interested in winning this necklace:

my internship is collaborating with Moxsie on Facebook for a contest– all you have to do to enter is post a photo of yourself to the event wall!

The Last of the Snow is Behind Me… I Hope

26 March 2011

As of Saturday there was still snow on the ground.  It’s gone now though, but still.  Gah.  Despite how lovely and sunny and springy the first photo looks it was actually cold enough for gloves and way too cold to be in summer weight fabrics with cap sleeves.

Practical dressing is really not my strong suit.

These are my new jeans, they’re what I was braving the ice rain for in SoHo last week (they were on sale, I had to go- $15 off!).  They’re the new(ish) Levi’s Curve ID and the fit is a lot better than I expected, almost perfect for me.  They’ve stretched out more than I hoped for though so I might buy the next size down as well for a slimmer fit.  Designer denim is apparently just a huge waste of money for me, if you want any of it let me know, I’ll be purging most of my collection this weekend.

So excited to be wearing heels again that I’ve been wearing these boots nonstop.  My feet were hurting a bit today and I took the Dr. Scholls foam insoles out… somehow they’re much more comfortable without them?