Fallen leaves outside on the deck.

Fall was a huge blur to me and I can barely remember what happened, although I did get some nice photos along the way.

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Slovak Pirohy (or Pierogi)

pierogies with butter and onions

Well. It’s been a year, hasn’t it?

I’m spending Christmas alone in New York this year. My first Christmas alone, and my first Christmas in New York. Since it’s just me this year, I didn’t want to order a large dinner for one person. Instead, I decided to make pierogies (or pirohy in Slovak) for Christmas Eve dinner. My family usually makes them for any holiday – Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. – and serves them before the main meal, somewhere around the time that we’re all having some sort of festive sparkling cocktail. We typically eat them standing up as we crowd around the stove hoping to get the next batch fresh out of the pan.

The recipe I make comes from The Anniversary Slovak-American Cook Book, a gift to my mother in the 1970s. You can find the most recent version here. I’ve been making it in some form or another since I was in middle school.

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Early Spring Photo Diary

Pink flowers on a tree After more than a year, I am resurfacing with some photos of the lovely things that have been blooming. This has been an exceptionally cold and stormy spring on the coast. It’s been raining with high winds almost every day, so I feel lucky that I was able to get these photos at all.

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Holidays in New York

The tree at Rockefeller Center

All of my holiday photos this year are from around 5th Avenue, so mostly the boutiques and department stores. Have a fashionable holiday!

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Central Park in Spring

The street, building, and sky in the Upper East Side, New York

Turmeric latte with a green saucer at Bluestone Lane.

Tree-lined path in Central Park.

The flowers are definitely gone by now but I wanted to post these photos anyway, especially because this is the first time I took my iPhone X around and really used the camera. I caved and upgraded after I shattered the screen of my beloved old iPhone 6S. I decided it was time for a new phone when I started getting glass in my fingers.

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A Night Walk Under the Trees

Trees wrapped with lights in bloom during spring

It’s been a while since the trees were blooming, but these days I’m a bit slow at this blogging thing. I really like wandering around a park with tall trees or a quiet path through the woods. A day trip to a forest is considered to promote good health and stress reduction in Japan, and one of my favorite apartments ever was basically inside a park. That and the two windows I had were probably why I liked it so much.

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