Early Spring Photo Diary

Pink flowers on a tree After more than a year, I am resurfacing with some photos of the lovely things that have been blooming. This has been an exceptionally cold and stormy spring on the coast. It’s been raining with high winds almost every day, so I feel lucky that I was able to get these photos at all.

I hope that everyone has been well and able to adjust to stay at home orders. Earlier this spring, I needed to quarantine for 14 days because I was exposed to someone with COVID-19, and I made it all the way through with no symptoms. No idea if I just didn’t get sick or if I had an asymptomatic case. It was a weird thing to shut myself up in my apartment for two weeks, but ended up not being difficult for me at all. I had to quarantine well before the pause order for New York came into effect, so the strangest thing was not knowing what life was like on the outside. I had no idea what New York looked like any more.

The company I work for furloughed us at the end of March, which has been extended until at least June. I have been pretending that I am on sabbatical for the purposes of further study in my field, so I am taking a class on how to build a computer. We use a hardware simulator, which is much better for me trying to solder a bunch of chips together.

I also planned for my sabbatical to include taking my camera around for photos (hasn’t happened, these were all shot on my old iPhone X) and starting to blog again. I did finally get around to installing an SSL certificate for the blog (the last time I posted, they weren’t as necessary), and to writing this blog post. Hope you like all the tulip photos :D

Red and yellow tulips in the sun

Blooming red fringed tulips

I am personally not sure about these and think they look strange. They’re called fringed tulips.

Red tulips planted along a black fence

Tiny blue flowers in the grass

Four leaf clover on a sunny day

How lucky! I found a patch of four-leaf clover.


Blooming orange tulip

Blooming orange tulip with purple tulips in the background