On Moving (Up, Out, On?)

new york city skyline in the morning

Look at that skyline.

Ever since I moved to New York, I’ve had this weird mental block about living in New Jersey (it’s just… not New York). Which is strange, because I know plenty of people who live in New Jersey. And I just think of it as another place to live if you spend a lot of time working in New York. It’s not Manhattan, but neither are Brooklyn, Queens, Connecticut…

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Apple Spice

Apple Spice Cupcake | Butter Lane

One small, perfect cupcake.

Wishing you a safe and candy-filled Halloween! While I’m all for clean eating (I’m primarily Paleo), there’s no better time of the year for a bit of indulgence.

Bring on the Swedish Fish.

Absentia | New York

New York City Skyline | Delayed Missives lifestyle blog by Alexandra Shook

Dear Caitlin,

I haven’t been around much this month, I know. It’s been busy, busy, busy.

I’ve been putting most of my energy into making my final project for class– an application built end-to-end by me. My project is called Retourist and is an attempt to build a better travel site, one that’s user-based and has suggestions for less touristy experiences. It’s still in beta and needs a lot of features built out, but it mostly works and at least the index page has a lot of nice photos.

I’ve also been thinking very seriously about New Year’s resolutions this year.

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McNulty’s Tea & Coffe Co. | Favorite Teas | New York

strawberry rose green tea

Dear Dotty,

McNulty’s Tea & Coffe Co. is my favorite tea shop in New York. They have all kinds of specialty teas like Dragon Fruit with Roses, which sounds like the official tea of Game of Thrones.

I don’t frequent the shop too often because it’s far too easy to spend a fortune there in under ten minutes. The strawberry rose green tea pictured above will set you back $40/pound. Not that you would need to purchase an entire pound all at once. You could easily drink that much over the course of a year, but it wouldn’t be as fresh after a few months. I tend to buy loose leaf tea in quarter-pound bags. …

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Mad. Sq. Eats | Eat, Drink and Be Merry

diners under marimekko umbrellas at mad sq eats

Mad. Sq. Eats is a fun — if crowded — place to spend an hour or two for dinner or happy hour. I have to confess a preference for Asiadog, which always has one of the longest lines. However, if you’re looking for dessert, grab a few cookies from momofuku milk bar and split some crepes and a bottle of wine from Bar Suzette. The mini food festival takes place ever spring and fall and is open from 11am – 9pm until May 31st. …

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Doodling with A Beautiful Mess | Apps

upper east side new york photo in bokeh

Dear Christine,

If you didn’t already know, A Beautiful Mess recently released an iPhone app.

I’m possibly, maybe alittlebitobsessed. I haven’t had this much fun with an app since Instagram launched. The features remind me of those awesome instant photobooths in Japan with tons of stamps and features. Wish they would bring those stateside!

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