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strawberry rose green tea

Dear Dotty,

McNulty’s Tea & Coffe Co. is my favorite tea shop in New York. They have all kinds of specialty teas like Dragon Fruit with Roses, which sounds like the official tea of Game of Thrones.

I don’t frequent the shop too often because it’s far too easy to spend a fortune there in under ten minutes. The strawberry rose green tea pictured above will set you back $40/pound. Not that you would need to purchase an entire pound all at once. You could easily drink that much over the course of a year, but it wouldn’t be as fresh after a few months. I tend to buy loose leaf tea in quarter-pound bags. …

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New Year in the Sparkling Archway

Dear Christine,

Another day, another year… they really do seem to fly away faster with each passing year. I spent the day wandering the old neighborhood with my roommate, dreaming of apartments on the border of the West Village and Chelsea, and walked by my house. I tried to go to Magnolia for a New Year’s cupcake but the line was out the door and around the block. I didn’t want one quite that much.

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