Fall Fashion: Neutrals

fall fashion neutral outfit

Dear Christine,

The neutral trend is one of my favorites this fall, especially the camel/black and tan/black combinations. And I think I’m going to like them even more in spring’s interesting shapes and leather combinations. …

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Fall Fashion: Burgundy and Black

fall fashion eshakti fit and flare dress

Dear Katha,

It hasn’t been such a good season for the leaves this year. It seems that most of them just turned brown and there are only a few yellow ones. I’ve hardly seen any red at all. At least my dress is reddish, although it appears slightly lighter in color in photos.

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The Cove and the Handkerchief Hem Lace Dress

Dear Mia,

It’s been a while since I’ve photographed this dress, which honestly… seems to photograph terribly. I’m not sure what it is– could be the lighting, could be the lace is just too busy to show up well. I don’t know. Every so often, something I wear just does not look the same on camera as in the mirror. Even the color didn’t come out quite true and had to be corrected. Do you ever have moments when you photograph an outfit and then see photos and think …what? I think this is another case of “the photos you take and the photos you think you take” difficulty that often plagues bloggers….

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Freezing in Flatiron

Dear Dotty,

So… about spring… it has definitely not sprung yet. It’s a bit cold, very windy, and I really did think we were past the ice storm part of the season. I love snow, but I do get tired of the slush that makes the city a mess. Though when it’s warm I get tired of New York by the end of August when it’s been 100 degrees for three weeks straight and can we all just please go to Ireland for a little while and cool off? I guess that means I appreciate the seasons. I am looking forward to leaves on the trees.

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New Year in the Sparkling Archway

Dear Christine,

Another day, another year… they really do seem to fly away faster with each passing year. I spent the day wandering the old neighborhood with my roommate, dreaming of apartments on the border of the West Village and Chelsea, and walked by my house. I tried to go to Magnolia for a New Year’s cupcake but the line was out the door and around the block. I didn’t want one quite that much.

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Dear Katha,

Well it’s certainly been cold and windy here lately. Winter is setting in. There’s also been a bit of snow, which you probably know that I love. All those winter sports as a child… I should never have stopped figure skating. That was one of my favorites.

Von Vonni was kind enough to send me this wintry patterned floral dress with long sleeves, which I just adore. I think that long sleeves are so underused on dresses.

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