Fall Fashion: Burgundy and Black

fall fashion eshakti fit and flare dress

Dear Katha,

It hasn’t been such a good season for the leaves this year. It seems that most of them just turned brown and there are only a few yellow ones. I’ve hardly seen any red at all. At least my dress is reddish, although it appears slightly lighter in color in photos.

I had this eShakti dress (c/o) customized with longer sleeves so that it would be a better piece for fall and winter. It’s stretch polyester blend and a good weight for fall, winter and spring. It’s also fully lined and made to my measurements, so the fit is great. I love that eShakti takes your height into account– I never receive dresses that are too short or too long. As I get older I find that I prefer hemlines that hit closer to the knee, a more difficult length to find than you would think.

eshakti fit and flare dress    IMG_3999

IMG_4019 IMG_4033

Yes, I wore tights. I actually only made no tights until November last year, so I decided that it would be no tights until November this year as well. Sounds better than no tights until December anyway.



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    That dress. But of course, it’s from eShakti. I LOVE the color and the fit on you, Alex! That neckline is to die for. And tights. Oh tights. I wear tights all year round! :)

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    This dress looks like it fits you well, and I do love the color. We had some pretty good leaves earlier, but now they are all dead and gone and most of them are on my car. I love that ring of yours, just because it’s so huge and intense.

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    This is another one of those colors that look great on you–just like an autumn leaf. I hope those non-red leaves feel a little ashamed of themselves. Adding sleeves to an eShakti dress is a good idea. I only have two and they’re both sleeveless, which at least lends them well to having cardigans layered over ’em, but dresses with sleeves are so classy-looking and surprisingly hard to find.

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    I love the color of this dress and I like that you added long sleeves for fall. I’m still holding on to no tights, but that’s mainly because I don’t really have any pairs of good tights at the moment!