Slovak Pirohy (or Pierogi)

pierogies with butter and onions

Well. It’s been a year, hasn’t it?

I’m spending Christmas alone in New York this year. My first Christmas alone, and my first Christmas in New York. Since it’s just me this year, I didn’t want to order a large dinner for one person. Instead, I decided to make pierogies (or pirohy in Slovak) for Christmas Eve dinner. My family usually makes them for any holiday – Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. – and serves them before the main meal, somewhere around the time that we’re all having some sort of festive sparkling cocktail. We typically eat them standing up as we crowd around the stove hoping to get the next batch fresh out of the pan.

The recipe I make comes from The Anniversary Slovak-American Cook Book, a gift to my mother in the 1970s. You can find the most recent version here. I’ve been making it in some form or another since I was in middle school.

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Kitchen Sink Ramen


Perfect for a cold snap like we’ve been experiencing in the Northeast. Made with a ramen packet and some leftovers from the refrigerator. In the true spirit of kitchen sink recipes, I failed to get a clean photo of this dish and my computer and headphones are visible at the top. I was too hungry to stage a good food photo!

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Gluten-Free Pancakes

blogilates gluten free dairy free pancakes

I’m not usually one to make fancy breakfasts, but I’ve been making an effort to eat healthily this spring. There was a time last year in which I pretty much ate coffee shop breakfast, Seamless lunch, Seamless dinner… repeat. I had strings of days when I did this. Maybe even weeks.

It was bad. I’m trying to go for better choices these days.

One morning I got up and was inspired to make Blogliates Banana Pancakes [video here]. All you need is two eggs, a banana and some coconut oil or butter. My recipe ended up having an additional ingredient, so it was really Blogilates Banana Pancakes with a twist.

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Tomatoes + Fishs Eddy 212 New York Skyline Bowl

tomatoes in a fishs eddy 212 new york skyline bowl

Dear Dotty,

I love tomatoes. Like really really love them. Like if you asked me if we should eat fruit or tomatoes– yes. Tomatoes. Always. These pretty tomatoes came from the farmers market and are unbelievably red.

I also really love Fishs Eddy. I think about 99% of all New Yorkers do. This is the Fishs Eddy 212 New York Skyline Bowl (the cereal bowl to be exact, but whatever) and my favorite pattern at the store. Not that I don’t like everything else, but it has the Flatiron Building on it and the Flatiron is my favorite, too. …

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Fresh From the Farmers Market

farmers market strawberries eggs and bread

It’s been a long time since I’ve had fresh-picked strawberries or eggs straight from the farm. Hope you’re having a beautiful day!