Tomatoes + Fishs Eddy 212 New York Skyline Bowl

tomatoes in a fishs eddy 212 new york skyline bowl

Dear Dotty,

I love tomatoes. Like really really love them. Like if you asked me if we should eat fruit or tomatoes– yes. Tomatoes. Always. These pretty tomatoes came from the farmers market and are unbelievably red.

I also really love Fishs Eddy. I think about 99% of all New Yorkers do. This is the Fishs Eddy 212 New York Skyline Bowl (the cereal bowl to be exact, but whatever) and my favorite pattern at the store. Not that I don’t like everything else, but it has the Flatiron Building on it and the Flatiron is my favorite, too. 

I intended these tomatoes to be part of a proper dinner or something, but that rarely happens for me. I usually end up chowing them for a snack.

mini tomato salad in ramekin

My favorite way to eat them is to slice and deseed, then sprinkle with olive oil, sea salt and red pepper flakes.

Perfect. Especially on hot summer days.

Do you have any favorite quick and simple summer staple dishes?



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    Tomatoes! I haven’t had any homegrown tomatoes since I was a kid and we used to grow them. I kind of love the green-gardeny smell of tomato vines.

    I feel like most of my cooking is neither quick nor simple, but we got a bunch of sausages from a local sausage place and so when I don’t feel like bothering with anything else we’ve been grilling or pan-frying them. Mmmm, sausage.

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      You know, I used to make a lot of very complicated dishes. My mother made sure I had grew up with a background in French cooking, so I used to be into complicated sauces and lots of shallots. As I get older I find that there’s never enough time for serious cooking :(

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    I really don’t like tomatoes. haha. I wish I did! They’re so pretty. My favorite summer snacks: cucumbers with salt, yogurt with granola and anything with peaches.

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    I can not wait for the tomatoes in the garden to turn red. then I will be eating them every day. I like them with salt, pepper, garlic, oil and basil. Add in some fresh mozz, crusty italian bread and I’m in heaven.

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    Yep, love Fishs Eddy- that store is the cutest! Popsicles are my fave treat at the moment. They cool you down and they’re delicious. I can’t ask for much more in this heat!