Early Spring Photo Diary

Pink flowers on a treeAfter more than a year, I am resurfacing with some photos of the lovely things that have been blooming. This has been an exceptionally cold and stormy spring on the coast. It’s been raining with high winds almost every day, so I feel lucky that I was able to get these photos at all.

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Holiday lights at Tiffany

Holidays in New York

All of my holiday photos this year are from around 5th Avenue, so mostly the boutiques and department stores. Have a fashionable holiday! ...

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Standing on the boardwalk on a cold beach day

Not Quite A Beach Trip

Surprise! I actually went somewhere. I missed the entire fall season outside of New York (not that we had one) and it's not quite beach weather any ...

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The street, building, and sky in the Upper East Side, New York

Central Park in Spring

The flowers are definitely gone by now but I wanted to post these photos anyway, especially because this is the first time I took my iPhone X around ...

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