Central Park in Spring

The street, building, and sky in the Upper East Side, New York

Turmeric latte with a green saucer at Bluestone Lane.

Tree-lined path in Central Park.

The flowers are definitely gone by now but I wanted to post these photos anyway, especially because this is the first time I took my iPhone X around and really used the camera. I caved and upgraded after I shattered the screen of my beloved old iPhone 6S. I decided it was time for a new phone when I started getting glass in my fingers.

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Voluspa candles | home decor

Dear Kelsey,

A new favorite candle from Illume, who also makes my much-loved mason jar candles. This scent is called Fireside, and it smells very much how it sounds. It combines the best parts of a roaring wood fire with a dash of spices. When lit, it makes any room smell subtly of late fall. I never thought there was something comforting about the smell of a fire before, but lighting this candle makes any room feel cozy and inviting.

Voluspa candles | home decor

The other candles pictured are Voluspa’s Goji Tarocco Orange and Crane Flower. Goji Tarocco Orange is a good option for anyone who loves fresh, fruity scents. Crane Flower is more of what I would describe as a smoky floral.

Fireside is available at Anthropologie for $20. All of my candles were purchased at Anthropologie, but you can often find Voluspa at Nordstrom and Amazon.com.

Halloween Weekend + Costume DIYs

Halloween Party Decor

Dear Laura,

I hope you had a fun Halloween! I attended a small party at Kim’s where I ate too much of everything and opened a bottle of wine with a house key and a knife. Seriously, don’t try that at home. The saber method would have been easier and less messy.

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers | Frida Kahlo DIY Halloween Costume

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers | Frida Kahlo DIY Halloween Costume

I DIYed a Frida Kahlo costume (but forgot to draw my eyebrows in)…

DIY Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume

…and also made an appearance as Wednesday Addams. For the past four years, all of my Halloween costumes have come straight out of my closet.

I’m not exactly sure if that’s a good thing. Zelda Fitzgerald was a particular favorite, though. Also, I walked around as Frida Kahlo all day on Friday. Flowers and all.

Tiki bar bokeh

Clearly, everyone should have a Halloween tiki bar.


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  • DIY tissue paper flower hair pins [ Frida ]
  • Foxcroft blouse [ c/o ] [ fall 2013 ] [ Wednesday ]
  • H&M dress [ fall 2013 ] [ Wednesday ]
  • NARS Cosmetics Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil [ Frida + Wednesday ]
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Brenthaven Armor Case | Holiday Gift Guide

the brenthaven armor case from a side view

If you’re looking to keep your phone pristine, this is not the case for you. However, if you’re into lightweight and low-profile, the Brenthaven Armor Case will protect your phone from impact without being obtrusive or heavy. The case is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy and weighs .4 lbs.

This style of case is called a bumper case because it only covers the edges of your phone. When it comes to cases, I’m all for thin and lightweight, so this one is great for me. Just note that it’s easy to pick up scratches (especially if you like to just toss your phone into your bag) because the front and back glass are left completely exposed when this case is on.

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graze nibblebox Subscription Snack Box Review

graze subscription snack box

I’ve been waiting a very long time to try graze. I first heard of the company back when it was launched in the U.K. and only recently got access to the U.S. version, which is by invitation only.

For $6/box, graze will send you four individually packaged snack mixes based on how you rate the snacks on their website. Delivery options for everyone include receiving a box every two weeks or every month, although in some areas you can get a box every week (I do). …

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