Epiphany Chocolates Love Pie? Eat Chocolate. Giveaway

You might remember me sharing Epiphany Chocolates during Fashion Week when I received a box in the Lucky FABB gift bag. But even if you don’t, Epiphany did and kindly sent me a selection of their Love Pie? Eat Chocolate. collection for fall. Love Pie? Eat Chocolate. contains seasonal flavors like Falling For You (pumpkin pie fudge), Slice of Heaven (apple cinnamon pie fudge), and Sweet Pie of Mine (maple pecan sweet potato pie fudge).

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Happy Veterans Day

Veterans Day has always been an important holiday in my family. When my father was a young man, he served in the Coast Guard. When my grandfather was a young man, he served in the Navy during the Korean War. And now one of my best friends from my hometown serves in the Army Chemical Corps.

I wish my father a happy Veterans Day each year. I’m not sure if that’s exactly correct, but he always appreciates it.

To our veterans and future veterans, thank you for your service.