Happy Veterans Day

Veterans Day has always been an important holiday in my family. When my father was a young man, he served in the Coast Guard. When my grandfather was a young man, he served in the Navy during the Korean War. And now one of my best friends from my hometown serves in the Army Chemical Corps.

I wish my father a happy Veterans Day each year. I’m not sure if that’s exactly correct, but he always appreciates it.

To our veterans and future veterans, thank you for your service.


Dear Kelsey,

So I organized a small blogger meetup for my birthday this year. Nnenna was there, and Hope, and Kristine (who has a blog but doesn’t use it– we need to encourage her), and some other non-blogger friends as well. I’ve also decided that from now on my birthday is May 5th. No one tell, okay? Everyone is more fun on the 5th than the 6th, and let’s face it– I’ve always been a little suspicious of my Korean birth certificate. My Korean passport photo is pretty hilarious, too.

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