Dear Kelsey,

So I organized a small blogger meetup for my birthday this year. Nnenna was there, and Hope, and Kristine (who has a blog but doesn’t use it– we need to encourage her), and some other non-blogger friends as well. I’ve also decided that from now on my birthday is May 5th. No one tell, okay? Everyone is more fun on the 5th than the 6th, and let’s face it– I’ve always been a little suspicious of my Korean birth certificate. My Korean passport photo is pretty hilarious, too.

I did indeed twirl around in the bike path on Broadway… in a busy area next to a very well known New York monument. Whatever. Obviously I’m a blogger. Stare if you want to.

After the twirling, we went to Mad Square Eats. You should come here and we will go. We had Asiadog, Red Hook, Sigmund’s, milk bar…

Smiles! It’s Nnenna!

Our background: Flatiron and Madison Square Park.


P.S. I have no idea what Nnenna is wearing because I’ve never seen her wear that sweater before, but I do know that the loafers are MIA. And I’m wearing another new dress from Darling (Greylin), J.Crew belt, Anthropologie cardigan, and Seychelles sandals. First sandals of the year :)


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    That’s right- I made you twirl in the bike path for a photo! I’m pretty pleased with how it came out :D Yay for fun days spent enjoying the weather- hope there’s more of that very soon!

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    You look really lovely. The dress is great on you. And happy birthday!
    If you are going to switch the date you may as well make it ‘May the 4th’ so you can yell ‘May the 4th be with you ALL DAY LONG!!’ :)

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    you gals look soooo cute! Belated happy birthday, Alex! I swear, my birthday is celebrated so many times a year, so it really doesn’t matter when people give me presents. July 4, December 25, October 31… all those times. ;)

    Love the maxi, Alex. And you are so twirlarific!

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    Happy Birthday!!
    I suppose you might be right about may 5th, and you can change it if you want to. Just change it on Facebook and no one will ever question it ;)

    Love that you took your photos in the city when it was all bright and sunny, and LOVE your new maxi!

    And, really? first sandals of the year? Crazy. I’ve been pushing them since mid march.

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      Because Facebook birthdays are the only official ones anyway, right? I’m so glad it didn’t rain that day– wouldn’t have been able to wear the maxi. It would have been completely soaked. 

      Hahahaha. Yeah, my Korean passport photo is too funny. 

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    “Whatever. Obviously I’m a blogger.” Hahahaha, I love it! Happy belated birthday! I love the mix of colors in your maxi, your shoes and your belt. :D