First Impressions | Intel 2 in 1 Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series Review

Intel 2 in 1 Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series Review

As part of the Intel 2 in 1 Smart Squad, I’m testing out an Intel 2 in 1 Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series tablet/computer. Full disclosure: I’ve never run a Windows 8 PC before and have no idea what I’m doing. It’s interesting and definitely has a very tablet home screen kind of feel to it as well.

I actually expected my Intel 2 in 1 to be smaller. It’s a good size and a good balance between tablet and computer. Would I want to develop software on it for 10 hours/day? Probably not, but it’s the perfect size for travel.

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Pretty in Paisley | Epiphany Chocolates Giveaway (closed)

It’s been a bit of a sugary week here on Delayed Missives– and since when have I become a food blogger? First I spoke with the chef behind momofuku milk bar, and today I’m pleased to offer a giveaway sponsored by my favorite truffle makers: Epiphany Chocolates. Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I personally haven’t felt much like writing about what I wore or what nail polish I used last, and I think we could all use some extra smiles and sweetness right now.

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Spring in 14th Street Park | Sponsored

New York is finally being graced with sun and blooming flowers– it’s trench coat weather (my favorite)! Even if it is a practically balmy 55 degrees by late afternoon, early mornings and late evenings are still a bit cool for bare legs. I’ve been saved from either freezing or burning by Hanes legwear, which I’ve been wearing during this change of season. …

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BA STAR Smoky Eye Shadow Palette | Sponsored

Disclosure: a sample of the BA STAR Smoky Eye Shadow Palette in Natural was provided to me c/o BA STAR in exchange for a product review.

BA STAR is a performance makeup brand popular with cheerleaders, dancers, and competitors in a variety of fields. They recently released a new eye shadow palette that’s both versatile and affordable at just $8.75. I received the Smoky Eye Shadow Palette in Natural (yes! I love these colors!), which contains three mineral eye shadows and two glitter gels for highlighting. I can’t say that I have a lot of use for the glitter gels these days, but I wish they would have been around when I was younger and still in gymnastics and figure skating. They’re much better than the awful glitters from the 90s that would travel all over my face.

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Epiphany Chocolates Love Pie? Eat Chocolate. Giveaway

You might remember me sharing Epiphany Chocolates during Fashion Week when I received a box in the Lucky FABB gift bag. But even if you don’t, Epiphany did and kindly sent me a selection of their Love Pie? Eat Chocolate. collection for fall. Love Pie? Eat Chocolate. contains seasonal flavors like Falling For You (pumpkin pie fudge), Slice of Heaven (apple cinnamon pie fudge), and Sweet Pie of Mine (maple pecan sweet potato pie fudge).

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