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the brenthaven armor case from a side view

If you’re looking to keep your phone pristine, this is not the case for you. However, if you’re into lightweight and low-profile, the Brenthaven Armor Case will protect your phone from impact without being obtrusive or heavy. The case is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy and weighs .4 lbs.

This style of case is called a bumper case because it only covers the edges of your phone. When it comes to cases, I’m all for thin and lightweight, so this one is great for me. Just note that it’s easy to pick up scratches (especially if you like to just toss your phone into your bag) because the front and back glass are left completely exposed when this case is on.

This case only fits the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Brenthaven’s iPhone 5/5S cases are available here.


disassembling the brenthaven armor case from the bottom a disassembled brenthaven armor case

The frame of this case comes already assembled. You’ll need to use the miniature screwdriver to disassemble it from the screws near the speaker and microphone.

Two extra screws are included along with the button protectors (in the small plastic bag), but be careful with them because they’re very easy to lose. I lost one twice while assembling and only found it because I stepped on it.

sembling the brenthaven armor case    IMG_0223

It’s best to fit the side of the case nearest to the front glass first. Follow that with the button protectors, then snap on the back. You won’t be able to reach the buttons without using the protectors, so don’t forget to put them on like I did the first time. Replace the screws at the bottom of the case and you’re done!

brenthaven armor case on the iphone 4s back view of the brenthaven armor case on the iphone 4s

The design of this case is also supposed to enhance speaker sound. I have to admit to not being an audiophile, so I’m not sure exactly how that works. I did notice that this case makes the power button very sensitive to touch. The Armor Case is lightweight, strong and very sleek– and also comes with Brenthaven’s lifetime guarantee.

Brenthaven is a B Corporation and committed to sustainability, which you can read more about on the Zero Impact page of the company website.

This iPhone case was a gift from Brenthaven. 


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    the finish is nice. i’m not super picky about most things, but for my newly acquired iPhone 5, i want more protection than what the bumper cases offer. oh – – and anything that enhances speaker sound is much appreciated!