NOVICA Premium Gift Wrap Review | Gift Guide

novica premium gift wrapped present

This holiday season NOVICA sponsored a holiday giveaway and also graciously provided me with a gift card to try out their new premium gift wrap service. All premium gift wrap comes bound with cloth and ribbon while still staying true to NOVICA’s artisan-crafted aesthetic.

novica premium gift wrap from thailand

You can select the premium gift wrap option at checkout, which costs around $3.95 to $5.95 per item. This gift contains a textile product, but the premium gift wrap for jewelry is also particularly pretty.

Already wrapped gifts are a great option for someone who loves to give gifts in stylized packaging but doesn’t like to (or have time) to track down all of the materials. And who is also possibly uncrafty, just like I am. Premium gift wrap varies by region– this gift came from Thailand, so it’s wrapped with a traditional Thai textile pattern. You can view more styles on the NOVICA blog.

Visit to see more artisan-made gifts and be sure to look at the last-minute gifts section in case you need to have something in a hurry.

NOVICA provided me with a gift card to experience the premium gift wrapping service. 


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    The idea that they tailor the gift wrap to the present is pretty awesome. I think it looks really lovely and is definitely a nice option if you aren’t someone like me (obsessed with buying wrapping paper).