Happy Halloweekend! + Neighborhood Decorations Tour

frida kahlo halloween costume

Boo! Happy Halloween! In keeping with tradition, I put together a costume from the contents of my closet. You may remember this one from last year– I’m Frida Kahlo. She’s a favorite of mine, and I’ve always found her work deeply thought-provoking.

In addition to my Frida outfit, I also took a short walking tour through the neighborhood. We have a lot of excellent decorations this year. Everyone went all-out!

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Halloween Weekend + Costume DIYs

Halloween Party Decor

Dear Laura,

I hope you had a fun Halloween! I attended a small party at Kim’s where I ate too much of everything and opened a bottle of wine with a house key and a knife. Seriously, don’t try that at home. The saber method would have been easier and less messy.

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers | Frida Kahlo DIY Halloween Costume

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers | Frida Kahlo DIY Halloween Costume

I DIYed a Frida Kahlo costume (but forgot to draw my eyebrows in)…

DIY Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume

…and also made an appearance as Wednesday Addams. For the past four years, all of my Halloween costumes have come straight out of my closet.

I’m not exactly sure if that’s a good thing. Zelda Fitzgerald was a particular favorite, though. Also, I walked around as Frida Kahlo all day on Friday. Flowers and all.

Tiki bar bokeh

Clearly, everyone should have a Halloween tiki bar.


In this post:

  • Anthropologie / Vanessa Virginia Mural Maxi dress [ spring 2013 ] [ Frida ]
  • old red pashmina [ Frida ]
  • DIY tissue paper flower hair pins [ Frida ]
  • Foxcroft blouse [ c/o ] [ fall 2013 ] [ Wednesday ]
  • H&M dress [ fall 2013 ] [ Wednesday ]
  • NARS Cosmetics Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil [ Frida + Wednesday ]
  • photos [ Nnenna ] [ Linda ]

Hello, My Name is Zelda

Happy Halloween! I intended on being a flapper or a witch… and ended up with Zelda Fitzgerald. I do wish I had photos that were a bit clearer because this is definitely a favorite costume, but we were kind of having this little problem over the weekend.

…so that was a no on photos outside. Although I would have braved it if not for the wind. I’ve had the tripod blown over before and my 35mm lens has the scars to prove it.

I didn’t really have any adornment for my hair so I put a necklace in it, an idea I got from The Vintage Valley.

I’m very glad I had an apartment party to attend. Changed my boots for heels when I got there. The pile of snow gear in the corner kept growing as more guests arrived.

Everything for this costume came out of my closet… so does that make it a costume or some craziness I would normally wear? I should wear it to the speakeasy one night.

Donna Morgan dress (gift), scarf from Turkey (gift from cousin), Seychelles shoes, Talbots glass pearls, necklace from Brooklyn Flea (in hair), bracelet from India (gift from friends). And Target boots in the corner for the snow.

FBFF: Halloween Inspiration

A festive outfit from sometime close to Halloween last year.

1. Do you have plans for Halloween? What will you dress up as this year?

I have a going away party on the 29th and we’re requiring everyone attend in costume. Otherwise I haven’t made any definite plans. One night I’m planning on a flapper costume, but I’m thinking about making a witch costume as well. Saw the cutest witch hat fascinators on Etsy!

2. Where do you go for costume and makeup inspiration?

Google, of course! Last year I went as a gypsy and a dark fairy. I’ve never done elaborate makeup for Halloween, but I think I should get into it. If nothing else I could get some cool false eyelashes!

Flapper inspiration, Paris je t’aime by Steven Meisel via Dress Code: High Fashion.

3. What was the best costume you’ve ever donned?

One year my great aunt (the family seamstress) made me a Morticia Addams costume. I wish I could find a photo. It was black and sparkly and ridiculously fabulous. Every girl wants to grow up to be Morticia Addams, right? No, that was just me?

4. What’s the most creative costume you’ve ever seen?

My friend’s parents once were a butterfly and a butterfly catcher. Totally cute.

5. No holds barred if you could dress up as anything, what would it be?

Bellatrix Lestrange, and I’d want a really really good costume. It would be awesome because I’d actually be scary. I’m waiting on growing my hair out, so maybe next year.

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Sunday Fall Outing… from a week ago (oops)

10.31.10 – Halloween – Parade

Aaaaaaaand this is what happens when I have fifty minutes to be showered, hair washed, and out the door.  Forgot my lipstick, hair sort of flying… My friend texted me asking if I wanted to go to the parade at 1:30… and it was 12:40.  I barely made it and I have no photos without the coat — I was just wearing a boring aubergine shirt anyway.  But in other news, I’m appropriately dressed for the first time this season!  It was the first wool coat day of the season as well, and I would have worn gloves but I hate taking photos while wearing them, some weird thing about not being able to feel the camera or something.  

J. Crew coat, Burberry scarf, J. Crew shirt (no photos, oops), Odille (Anthropologie) skirt, HUE tights, Mossimo for Target boots.  

The parade actually occurred on Halloween this year!  It was the first time I’d gone in years.  

Serious commitment: some of the people in this band danced to Thriller while some played.  

I ate some very delicious Irish shortbread. 

I very secretly and blindly took this photo.  I’m glad I got it because I loved this woman’s coat.  Where have I seen it before?  I’ve seen it somewhere but I can’t remember.  

She was also wearing very cool cowboy boots (right).  Another sneaky photo.  

Left the parade behind the Red Hat Society.  I didn’t get a photo of the red sequin beanie though.  

My friends and I once walked through this cemetery to creepily peer in the windows of a house we wanted to rent (it was totally empty anyway so maybe not that creepy).  It was a lot bigger than we thought — we’re talking $3000+/month kind of bigger so that was a no.  Fall seems to be going so fast now, half the leaves are already on the ground…

I Still See Your Bright Eyes, Bright Eyes

10.30.10 to 10.31.10 – Halloween 

Happy Halloween!  This is the second costume for Halloween 2010… and can I tell you that I was at a surprise 60th birthday party… in a biker bar… and it was a Mardi Gras party (but the invitation said masquerade, apparently that is the same thing out in the boonies)… and I was wearing this gypsy costume (about 2% of total guests were in costume).  I should have worn my leather and chains, I certainly have enough of those, but I didn’t know that it was going to be… yeah.  I just put on an extra layer of red lipstick.  

Do you like my Marie Antoinette-inspired mask?  I put it together in the afternoon with ribbons from A. C. Moore.  I didn’t really wear it at the birthday party, so I hope I get the change to go to a real masquerade sometime soon!  I didn’t wear it when I went out to party #2 later either.  When I got there gypsy was the next song they played after I walked in… hahhahahaha.  

Actually I quite like this skirt and I may wear it for real sometime!  

Thrifted blouse with lace, thrifted blouse with double collar, thrifted skirt, scarf from Dubrovnik, A. C. Moore leather ribbon belt, mask composed of ribbon from A. C. Moore, Frye boots.  

The Ghost of Scary Faery Says Happy Almost Halloween

Scary Faery is creeping around hoping to scare someone inside… 

No one is looking!  Oh well… photoshoot!  

10.29.10 – Friday – Halloween Eve Eve – This Post Is Photo Heavy So I’ve Broken It Up

Yes, I know I said photos Sunday but yesterday I decided to throw together another costume… I’m so used to having multiples from being in school, and I’ve always wanted to be a gothic/dark fairy.  I made those wings from wire hangers from the dry cleaner and some stockings that I destroyed… and I’m wearing stockings I destroyed too.  I’m really bad with them, I currently don’t own any that are in general wearable condition.  Unless of course the ripped stocking thing is what you’re going for.  And it’s totally what I was going for as a scary faery!  

Edit: apparently the break isn’t working for me… this is where it was supposed to go.  Oh well.   

Despite the costume, the tattered wings, studs, chains, etc., a number of people were very upset for me about the ripped stockings.  Apparently ripped stockings are serious business.  

Sooooo dramatic!  What is it about a costume that frees me to do such crazy things?  Is it because I already think hey, I’ve got giant fairy wings on my back, no way I can possibly look sillier/more insane/worse?  Or is it because I almost feel like I’m on stage?  (I spent ten years in classical dance training and dabbled in theatre.)  Putting the wings on really made me feel like being a fairy.  In the last two photos I was thinking to myself about what a fairy would do… and I came up with (1) look generally dramatic and (2) fly around.  Maybe later I’ll load blooper “flying” photos to flickr for everyone to see.  They are um… interesting… 

Right, what am I wearing?  I pulled all of this straight from my closet.  

Foundation pieces:

  • Forever 21 dress and necklace
  • Target black lace skirt (under the dress, I like how it turned out especially because that dress is ridiculously short even for F21)
  • Aldo studded sandals
  • Assets by Sara Blakely stockings that have huge runs
  • b-side by ken and dana gunmetal chain bracelet
  • black pearl bracelet from Thailand
  • Make Up For Ever red lip pencil — serious staying power!

Wings (the most important part)

  • wire hangers from the dry cleaner
  • thin decorative craft wire (to tie all four hangers together)
  • old stockings I snagged/put my hand through/otherwise rendered unwearable to work
  • LOFT double wrap belt

If you were inclined to make your own wings you would probably also need a wire cutter and pliers (at least I did) and luckily those were located in the garage!  

There you have it!  Look for another costume post tomorrow!