Fancy Hems for the Holidays

vintage betsey johnson dress holiday outfits

Dear Kaitlyn,

I hope you had a great end to 2013! Christmas Eve dinner tends to be the more formal night for my family, and it’s kind of a tradition for me to wear something black and a pile of jewelry. This Betsey Johnson dress is an old favorite of mine that transitions really well throughout all of the seasons. It came with a small black slip, but I swapped it out for one I recently got from Ruche. This slip is fancier and has tiered chiffon ruffles at the bottom. It also has the added benefit of adding a little bit of length to this dress, which I have always felt was on the edge of  too short.

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Fall Fashion: Burgundy and Black

fall fashion eshakti fit and flare dress

Dear Katha,

It hasn’t been such a good season for the leaves this year. It seems that most of them just turned brown and there are only a few yellow ones. I’ve hardly seen any red at all. At least my dress is reddish, although it appears slightly lighter in color in photos.

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Almost a Suit

Dear Nnenna,

So… I have a confession. I do wear pants. In fact, I probably only ever go about two weeks without wearing them. I just never seem to get them into any photographs. I still think they’re generally uncomfortable and they’re not very flattering on me. A skirt with a little volume really balances out my shoulders.

This is about as close to a pant suit as you’ll ever see me in (these are denim). I do truly dislike pant suits. I don’t know what it is about them… I think it has something to do with the wide-leg pants that are a part of so many suits. Love them on other women, but not on me. All my suits are skirt suits, though I’d probably buy dress suits as well. And I’d love if someone started making three-piece suits for women. …

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I’m a Peacock, Duh

January 28, 2012
Dear Kelsey,

Well, if you ever wondered what what I would wear to a masquerade ball…

I bought this dress over a year ago to wear to some event or other, but I didn’t actually end up wearing it– it’s really too overwhelming for a petite. The bodice will absolutely not stay up for me for me either (I’m thinking the plastic boning is too weak for all the fabric). But, fun for a masquerade ball, right? And maybe some kind of Marie Antoinette costume for Halloween one year if I happen to be feeling ambitious.

I’m wearing a Lulu’s dress, Anthropologie scarf, my usual ken + dana rings, Assets by Sara Blakely tights (these are reversible to grey and awesome!), and platform pumps from Talbots. Yes, I said Talbots. I picked up an extra 40% off and free shipping coupon from Extra Petite and got these towering heels for $38. The quality isn’t quite as good as Ann Taylor, but most Talbots shoes come in wide, which is a huge plus for me.

Hope you had a fun weekend too!


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The Story of the Free Bag

Dear Caitlin,

Today I’m going to tell you how I came to get this bag– for free. I finally accepted that I needed a new black bag because my poor old Longchamp is so sad and peeling apart. Enter a late night run to Kohl’s and a thorough raiding of the handbag section for black bags that could possibly fit a computer. This Dana Buchman tote was just right. It’s faux leather — which I don’t love because I always seem to wreck it — but I’m a fan of the clean lines and unobtrusive branding.

Originally this bag $109, but it was on sale for 50% off… and my stepmother had some Kohl’s Cash that expired while we were away for the holidays. We asked about using anyway. Free shopping! the cashier told us with a smile. Can’t beat the price.

I’m wearing my J.Jill cardigan (totally random, right? ), Alice & Trixie Wendy dress, Forever 21 belt, MIA ankle boots (, and ken + dana ring.


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Going South for the Winter in Alexander Wang

December 24, 2011
Dear Lydia,

There’ve been quite a few days that were definitely warm enough for bare legs, but unfortunately now that heatwave has passed through and I’m in tights once again. After a quick stop in Washington earlier this week, I’m in North Carolina for the holidays.

I wanted to experiment with a looser silhouette with this dress, but I don’t like it as much as the other ways I’ve styled it in the past. If I had a longer sweater I think I would like it a lot more, but this incarnation is not one of my favorite ways to wear this dress (one, two, three, four, five, six).

I’m wearing my Francesca’s Collections cardigan, Alexander Wang dress, Assets by Sara Blakely tights, and Stuart Weitzman shoes. I wore Alex Wang on Christmas Eve last year, too. Maybe it’ll become a tradition.

Merry Christmas! I hope your holidays are merry and bright :)


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Central Park After Dark

Dear Caitlin,

It seems like I’m always taking people to Central Park these days, although it doesn’t look quite as nice as it did when Lydia visited. Shivani and I went up for a walk before the Steve Madden party and shared a giant ginger snap at the little market in Columbus Circle. Maybe one day I can take you here, too?

I’m wearing a vintage necklace, ken + dana ring, Old Navy shirt, Gap leather skirt, Target belt, Born boots, and Assets by Sara Blakely tights. And I’m carrying my J.Crew coat and Foley + Corinna bag.


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