I’m a Peacock, Duh

January 28, 2012
Dear Kelsey,

Well, if you ever wondered what what I would wear to a masquerade ball…

I bought this dress over a year ago to wear to some event or other, but I didn’t actually end up wearing it– it’s really too overwhelming for a petite. The bodice will absolutely not stay up for me for me either (I’m thinking the plastic boning is too weak for all the fabric). But, fun for a masquerade ball, right? And maybe some kind of Marie Antoinette costume for Halloween one year if I happen to be feeling ambitious.

I’m wearing a Lulu’s dress, Anthropologie scarf, my usual ken + dana rings, Assets by Sara Blakely tights (these are reversible to grey and awesome!), and platform pumps from Talbots. Yes, I said Talbots. I picked up an extra 40% off and free shipping coupon from Extra Petite and got these towering heels for $38. The quality isn’t quite as good as Ann Taylor, but most Talbots shoes come in wide, which is a huge plus for me.

Hope you had a fun weekend too!



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    So I was going to comment on today’s post but then I was totally captured by these pictures!  This is so great for a masquerade ball and I love these shades of blue/green on you! =)

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    You are the most adorable peacock I’ve ever seen! I LOVE this dress on you, too. I think it looks beautiful!

    And that scarf… um, I may steal it. If it disappears, I assure you that it’s gone to a very good home.

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    What fun for dress-up! Looks like an excellent weekend to me, and it’s pretty evident that I’m a fan of all things peacock. (Well, except for actual peacocks, which poop all over the place and scream like children in distress. Yikes.)

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      I never knew that actual peacocks were messy, obnoxious things… I guess I will just have to cross peacocks on my lawn off my bucket list (just kidding, I would rather have swans). I felt so ridiculous in this dress, but what else do you wear to a masquerade?

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    I did not know that about talbots shoes – so I immediately went to the site and saw they had a leopard haircalf pump — perfect!!! But only in a size 6.5 in wide :(

    I do love the peacock color of the dress, and i hate it when I get something and only ever end up playing dressup with it. I have a similarly shaded sequined dress sitting unworn.

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      Talbots shoes run pretty true to size as well. I got 7.5W when my usual size is 6.5 or 7W and they’re a little slippery when worn with tights, but that’s better than cramming and toes into them and not being able to walk. 

      I really loved this dress, but I realized it’s too much volume, etc. and really throws off my proportions. My head looks tiny, right? Oh well, live and learn.