Almost a Suit

Dear Nnenna,

So… I have a confession. I do wear pants. In fact, I probably only ever go about two weeks without wearing them. I just never seem to get them into any photographs. I still think they’re generally uncomfortable and they’re not very flattering on me. A skirt with a little volume really balances out my shoulders.

This is about as close to a pant suit as you’ll ever see me in (these are denim). I do truly dislike pant suits. I don’t know what it is about them… I think it has something to do with the wide-leg pants that are a part of so many suits. Love them on other women, but not on me. All my suits are skirt suits, though I’d probably buy dress suits as well. And I’d love if someone started making three-piece suits for women.

I thought this Asos clutch was kind of bizarre (neon steampunk?) when I got it from IFB earlier this year, but it’s been a huge hit with everyone who’s seen it. I’ve been carrying it around sometimes a bit, although these big clutches that must be handheld are just not practical. I’m afraid I’m going to forget it somewhere, although I know it’s not that likely.

I’m wearing my Ann Taylor blazer, one of many black Old Navy shirts, J Brand jeans, Cole Haan ballet wedges, Coach sunglasses, vintage necklace, and ken + dana ring.



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    yes, neon steampunk. it’s awesome.
    i feel like a lot of pants suits just feel overly stuffy and corporate. I think it’s hard to find ones that legitimately look chic and polished unless you get something designer.

    blazers with jeans however, are amazing. And pants, while often hard to find that perfect fit, can be so great, especially for when you have been too lazy to shave your legs….

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      I feel like a need an awesome steampunky pocket watch to go with this clutch. I’d actually love to have a pocket watch. One of those menswear things that I just love, along with three piece suits :) 

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    I LOVE this look, Alex. I hate pants and I hate suits, but I love this look. When and If I have to wear suits to work, I will wear something like this all the time. And I want that clutch. It’s so freaking cool.

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      Skinny pants suits? I think someone needs to start making those. Straight leg don’t count. If I had to wear suits all the time I’d probably have sequins and leather underneath my jackets all the time. 

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    Hehe, now that I’ve seen you in pants a couple of times, I’m less shocked!  That neon clutch is pretty amazing, although I agree that clutches are not super practical.  Give me a crossbody purse any day! =)  And I love your vintage necklace- it’s so pretty!

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      Yeah, crossbody or shoulder seem to be the least annoying, though I don’t mind carrying bags on my arm. As long as they’re not too heavy. 

      The necklace is from Brooklyn Flea– have you been?

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    Well, you’re looking pretty good in these pants! I tend to feel bored with my own pants outfits, so I only take pictures of them about half as often as I do my skirt/dress outfits. Maybe it’s because my pants don’t (yet) come in as many exciting colors…

    That clutch is pretty rad, but the concept of clutches in general just doesn’t work for me. Put all my important stuff in that little sack? And then cling to it the whole time I’m somewhere? The great thing about a purse is at least I can sling it across my body so you’d have to cut off my arm to easily take it from me. 

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      There are so many interesting colors for pants right now, so definitely keep looking for some! 

      I don’t know about where you live, but in New York people cut the strap on the bag, not the arm off the person (haha).