Central Park After Dark

Dear Caitlin,

It seems like I’m always taking people to Central Park these days, although it doesn’t look quite as nice as it did when Lydia visited. Shivani and I went up for a walk before the Steve Madden party and shared a giant ginger snap at the little market in Columbus Circle. Maybe one day I can take you here, too?

I’m wearing a vintage necklace, ken + dana ring, Old Navy shirt, Gap leather skirt, Target belt, Born boots, and Assets by Sara Blakely tights. And I’m carrying my J.Crew coat and Foley + Corinna bag.



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      No, not cold at all. I’m kind of a freak of nature– I don’t feel temperature acutely and am very rarely overly warm or cold. It has to be truly cold for me to feel chilled, and I’m hardly ever overheated unless it’s also humid out. 

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      New York is especially lovely during the holidays, but I suggest you not come anytime soon. It is a terrible place during January and February. Cold, windy, and dark so early– the tall buildings cast such long shadows. This necklace is from Brooklyn Flea, an awesome outside venue when the weather is warmer! Now it’s moved inside.