Afternoon by the River

Dear Lydia,

I think this is the last time I’ll be wearing tights this season. I hope so, but one never knows with the wildly changing weather. Lately I’ve been either burning or freezing.

I’ve been experimenting with taking photos in direct light more and more and love how saturated the colors turn out. The East River is an astonishing shade of blue behind me. Who knew it could look like that? …

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Stripes on the Pier and Important Things

Dear Mia,

What a difference a week can make when it comes to spring weather. Burning up in a light wrap one moment, bundled in a coat the next. This is my often neglected Forever 21 dress. It didn’t get very much use over the winter because it requires constant attention (even with a slip). I love it because of the chevron bodice, but it’s best left for warmer temperatures. …

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A Black Dress Again in Black and White

Dear Caitlin,

Sorry I’m so boring. All I have for you today is another black Alexander Wang dress. Sometimes I think you’ll get tired of me wearing the same things all the time and then you won’t come and visit any more. I can’t help it though, I don’t think I’d mind at all if my entire wardrobe consisted of black draped jersey dresses. They certainly are becoming a staple– I’m up to three now. …

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Black, Navy, White, Stripes | Sponsored

Dear Jeanine,

I don’t know what is it about this striped shirt, but I like it and wear it far more often than my black and white Ann Taylor one. I think I like that the stripes are actually navy and not black, and that it has a different shape than most striped shirts I see.

As you know, I’m an intern at an environmentally friendly jewelry designer here in New York, so I was eager to put some of my jewelry inspecting skills to the test when Anjolee offered me a necklace for review. Anjolee specializes in custom made diamond jewelry and Anjolee diamonds are never treated or enhanced. They’re also Kimberley Process compliant (an industry standard conflict-free certification). …

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The Story of the Free Bag

Dear Caitlin,

Today I’m going to tell you how I came to get this bag– for free. I finally accepted that I needed a new black bag because my poor old Longchamp is so sad and peeling apart. Enter a late night run to Kohl’s and a thorough raiding of the handbag section for black bags that could possibly fit a computer. This Dana Buchman tote was just right. It’s faux leather — which I don’t love because I always seem to wreck it — but I’m a fan of the clean lines and unobtrusive branding.

Originally this bag $109, but it was on sale for 50% off… and my stepmother had some Kohl’s Cash that expired while we were away for the holidays. We asked about using anyway. Free shopping! the cashier told us with a smile. Can’t beat the price.

I’m wearing my J.Jill cardigan (totally random, right? ), Alice & Trixie Wendy dress, Forever 21 belt, MIA ankle boots (, and ken + dana ring.


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