In the Mist

Dear Katha,

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring weather. I actually love winter (snow!) but this rainy in-between freezing and temperate just has me in a fog. Hoping for better weather next week, and maybe an actual spring? Last year I remember wearing raincoats for at least two months straight… and then it exploded into ninety degree weather in the last days of May. It seems like there are hardly any seasons any more, just extreme weather. …

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On a Tree at Sunset

Oh hai. The blog is back, no ill effects from the digital flu (i.e. I think Bluehost let their drives fail). So many people were knocked out, and you’d think Bluehost would send courtesy emails so as not to cause a huge panic. They did respond to my “Bluehost broke my blog” tweet fairly quickly, which at least is something.

I wish I could climb this tree, but I’m a terrible tree climber and I think the spindly branches are too skinny to hold weight anyway. I probably couldn’t get up on one without a ladder because the closest ones to the ground are still feet above my head. I already tried. In heels. Of course. …

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Afternoon by the River

Dear Lydia,

I think this is the last time I’ll be wearing tights this season. I hope so, but one never knows with the wildly changing weather. Lately I’ve been either burning or freezing.

I’ve been experimenting with taking photos in direct light more and more and love how saturated the colors turn out. The East River is an astonishing shade of blue behind me. Who knew it could look like that? …

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Skinny Jeans and Stripes

Dear Mia,

Sometimes I try to be casual, but I’m never sure if I actually like it. A lot of the time it feels weird to me… and then I end up wearing heels. I wanted to do something different with the oft-seen black open cardigan, so naturally I tied it in a knot. I wasn’t really sure what to do with it. …

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Black, Navy, White, Stripes | Sponsored

Dear Jeanine,

I don’t know what is it about this striped shirt, but I like it and wear it far more often than my black and white Ann Taylor one. I think I like that the stripes are actually navy and not black, and that it has a different shape than most striped shirts I see.

As you know, I’m an intern at an environmentally friendly jewelry designer here in New York, so I was eager to put some of my jewelry inspecting skills to the test when Anjolee offered me a necklace for review. Anjolee specializes in custom made diamond jewelry and Anjolee diamonds are never treated or enhanced. They’re also Kimberley Process compliant (an industry standard conflict-free certification). …

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January 21, 2012

Look at all this beautiful snow! I actually love snow… and cold weather. I think I must have been a penguin in my last life. Snow makes for good lighting and background, don’t you think?

I’ve needed snow boots for five years, and of course the year I finally get them would be one of the mildest winters ever– remember al fresco dining in no coat in December?. But they’re warm and I might actually have them forever because L.L. Bean will guarantee them. I also used them to try the Boot Straps I won from a giveaway on Adored Austin (thanks Indiana!). I haven’t tested anything else from the Hollywood Fashion Secrets Jean Kit yet, but these were great and I can see myself using them with a ton my boots.

I’m wearing my Vivienne Vivienne Tam faux fur vest (c/o a gift card from T.J. Maxx), J.Crew cardigan (2010), Target shirt (swapped at ModSwap!), LOFT double wrap belt, J Brand jeans (2008), and L.L. Bean boots. The tree necklace belonged to my grandmother, and these pretty earrings were made by Lydia for Pay it Forward.


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