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    Alex, I swear you take the best iphotos. I enjoy your posts on IG so much and can’t believe you take them with your phone! I also really like the effect of belting your coat. It’s very chic and looks so effortless. 

  2. Alyson / TAGG says

    Wow, what gorgeous photos and you look magnificent in them. Adore the lights and that antique typewriter. Great to find your blog.

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      What? Next year for sure, especially with your new camera. 

      Next year I requested a family of penguins and a polar bear be added to the yard. There’s already a dolphin with a santa hat. I find that one sort of puzzling. 

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        there were a couple places in my town, and in a neighboring town that had some nice lights i though would make for perfect outfit photo backdrops, but i never managed to get there at just that perfect time before sundown (or at all). I guess we can call it lack of proper motivation or fear of the home owner coming out and saying “excuse me, can I help you? what are you taking photographs of near my house?” Imagine that in the high pitched tone of a self important middle aged housewife.

        and dolphins always wear santa hats. they are like santas helpers of the sea. who do you think delivers presents to the sea urchins?

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    I think it’s awesome how much you’ve been rocking the red lip lately. You have WAY more guts than I do when it comes to that. I always feel so self-conscious wearing lipstick to class, so I hardly ever do. Great outfits!

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      I did used to be really really self-conscious about it… I think I’ve sort of grown into darker lipstick. It’s something that I felt uncomfortable wearing when I was still in college. Darker lipstick also makes me look a little bit older, which can be very good at times.