Freezing in Flatiron

Dear Dotty,

So… about spring… it has definitely not sprung yet. It’s a bit cold, very windy, and I really did think we were past the ice storm part of the season. I love snow, but I do get tired of the slush that makes the city a mess. Though when it’s warm I get tired of New York by the end of August when it’s been 100 degrees for three weeks straight and can we all just please go to Ireland for a little while and cool off? I guess that means I appreciate the seasons. I am looking forward to leaves on the trees.

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New Year in the Sparkling Archway

Dear Christine,

Another day, another year… they really do seem to fly away faster with each passing year. I spent the day wandering the old neighborhood with my roommate, dreaming of apartments on the border of the West Village and Chelsea, and walked by my house. I tried to go to Magnolia for a New Year’s cupcake but the line was out the door and around the block. I didn’t want one quite that much.

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Casual Holiday Dressing with AMY O.

It’s a commonly held myth that I never wear pants. I do. I swear. Let it be documented that I do wear pants (even if they’re always skinny jeans).

I tend to dress for dinner during the holidays, though no one else in my family does. However, there usually is an occasional very casual dinner or post-dinner drinks with good friends and neighbors, and I’d be more likely to dress up some denim for that. I always wear a fancier top, heels, and some big jewelry. I like this necklace from AMY O. because it’s glittery yet understated.

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Fallen Leaves in T by Alexander Wang & Joe’s Jeans

T by Alexander Wang open cardigan (wrapped and pinned) | Old Navy lace shirt | Joe’s Jeans grey skinny jeans (similar) | Born boots | Coach Legacy Leather Molly Satchel | Ippolita Wonderland necklace

I don’t know how there can be so many leaves on the ground and so many leaves left on the trees. It’s like the opposite of the sock eating laundry monster. Where did they all come from?

On a Tree at Sunset

Oh hai. The blog is back, no ill effects from the digital flu (i.e. I think Bluehost let their drives fail). So many people were knocked out, and you’d think Bluehost would send courtesy emails so as not to cause a huge panic. They did respond to my “Bluehost broke my blog” tweet fairly quickly, which at least is something.

I wish I could climb this tree, but I’m a terrible tree climber and I think the spindly branches are too skinny to hold weight anyway. I probably couldn’t get up on one without a ladder because the closest ones to the ground are still feet above my head. I already tried. In heels. Of course. …

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Black Winter Outerwear

Dear Nnenna,

I got these touch screen gloves for Christmas this year! This style seems to work better for me than the metallic thread ones, but the tips of my fingers do get cold after a while.

But! I can use my phone without the rest of my hands getting freezing and any more dried out than they already are. Cold weather is so harsh on my skin.

The rest of my outfit is pretty boring, although the coat’s new. Lined with Thinsulate so it’s really warm, but I got it in petite and that might have been a mistake. I think the shoulders have to be let out. I’m wearing the old scarf from Talbots again, J.Crew coat, Joe’s Jeans… jeans, MIA ankle boots, and Coach sunglasses and bag.


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Sun, Clouds, Rain

9 August 2011

Sometimes I think it’s going to be all sunny and wonderful even if there are supposed to be thunderstorms, so then I wear suede shoes and cream silk. Seriously, I was gearing up for a sunny day, the sun woke me up this morning rather than my phone. Luckily I managed to change out of the shoes and the cream silk is due for a cleaning anyway.

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Fall and I are Thinking Alike

Worn on Tuesday 11 Nov 2010

Thoughts:  I love to buy things while I’m traveling (especially abroad) because it means the chances that someone else will have it are very slim (not that I wouldn’t buy last year’s fabulous low wedge boots from Target if they were still available).  Especially if it’s one of a jewelry designer’s “it’s the only one I made just like that” kind of pieces.  I got it at the night market in Rome as I was quite desperately speaking English and Italian to the vendor, and I don’t know if I was intelligible at all but I did eventually get the necklace— and by got the necklace I mean I handed over a €20 and received some change.  It was under €20 (maybe under €15, I notoriously can’t count) which is absolutely amazing in Rome at any time, even back in the day in 2005.  Anyway, it’s 5+ years old now and I still have it.  Most of the things I’ve had the longest originated very far away from where they are now and turned out to become some of my favorite pieces.  

If you’re looking for comments/notes, I moved them from the post header to the bottom of the post, is that less confusing?  I admit I like them much better at the bottom, it’s more natural not to scroll back up to the top of the post!  It took me a while to figure it out, I’m not as good at coding as I was in high school.  If only I could figure out how to move the post title to the post header… Of course, it would be better if I wasn’t trying to do that last night when tumblr was broken! blouson (a gift from my cousin last Christmas), necklace from the night market, Joe’s Jeans denim shorts (the find of the summer, $40 from Marshalls), Assets by Sara Blakely tights (Target but no longer available on the website in black), Sofft shoes (looking back… I wish I would have worn different shoes).