Sun, Clouds, Rain

9 August 2011

Sometimes I think it’s going to be all sunny and wonderful even if there are supposed to be thunderstorms, so then I wear suede shoes and cream silk. Seriously, I was gearing up for a sunny day, the sun woke me up this morning rather than my phone. Luckily I managed to change out of the shoes and the cream silk is due for a cleaning anyway.

One thing they don’t tell you about New York is that puddles are everywhere, and they are deep. I’m convinced that this is why everyone in New York is obsessed with Hunter boots. You wear your little ballet flats at your own risk. I bravely trotted out into the fray, dodging the many sprinting people with Best Buy coupon fliers held over their heads…

…to Nordstrom Rack! I bought some deeply discounted Perricone skincare, but no leather jackets or BCBG dresses…

…and ended the day at Veniero’s for tea and cookies after stopping in at some of my favorite tiny-but-awesome East village stores (I finally got a leather skirt!!).

And you may have noticed most of my photos are full length (it’s because I’m showing you my shoes). Earlier in the summer I popped into Stuart Weitzman to look at the summer sale shoes. I was pleasantly surprised to find these in my size (6.5W) because I had been eyeing them online and was unable to find them in wide. Anywhere. At the store they told me they were left over from the trunk show, so maybe they were a sample?

They’re flatforms. I succumbed. I fully admit that they do nothing at all for the legs. But they are comfortable and I can walk long distances in them. I’m trying out this new thing where I actually buy and wear (slightly) more responsible footwear. Walking all over New York in heels is not good for me.

Yes, I go shopping a lot. I like shopping, especially in New York. But honestly, I hardly ever buy anything. Mostly I use shopping as an excuse to take long walks around New York City, which is one of my very favorite things to do. Even in a downpour.

Alexander Wang vest, Anthropologie shirt, Joe’s Jeans shorts, Stuart Weitzman sandals, Rebecca Minkoff bag.

 P.S. This was me trying out a new post format (if you thought it sounded different than usual).


  1. says

    Flatforms! When those first debuted this spring, I was not a fan. But then I found some at Salvation Army that were relatively cheap, so I thought I’d give them a try. I really like yours, and I bet they’re super comfy!

  2. says

    I’m a fan of the shoes, flatforms or no! I was admiring them in the first picture and then scrolled down to find out you were talking about them, haha. Enjoy taking them for some of those long walks!

    Ooh, looking forward to seeing the leather skirt.

    • says

      These shoes are so comfortable and so well made… I’m ruining myself for shoes.  Better start a Stuart Weitzman fund. I can’t wait to wear the leather skirt! I think it’s too hot out right now, but we’ll see. 

  3. says

    Your ring and that leather jacket look like they were made for each other! Oh my god.

    And i totally felt like i was in 8th grade again when i was wooed by the flatforms last summer. I’ve worn them A LOT. I don’t regret them. Yours are cuter than mine. I want yours now.

    • says

      Yeah I know, I was sad to leave it but I really need petites in leather jackets, too many alterations otherwise. I really like flatforms, I’m hoping I can wear these into fall for a little bit! I would let you borrow these but I don’t think they will fit you, unless you are 6.5W too?