Fall and I are Thinking Alike

Worn on Tuesday 11 Nov 2010

Thoughts:  I love to buy things while I’m traveling (especially abroad) because it means the chances that someone else will have it are very slim (not that I wouldn’t buy last year’s fabulous low wedge boots from Target if they were still available).  Especially if it’s one of a jewelry designer’s “it’s the only one I made just like that” kind of pieces.  I got it at the night market in Rome as I was quite desperately speaking English and Italian to the vendor, and I don’t know if I was intelligible at all but I did eventually get the necklace— and by got the necklace I mean I handed over a €20 and received some change.  It was under €20 (maybe under €15, I notoriously can’t count) which is absolutely amazing in Rome at any time, even back in the day in 2005.  Anyway, it’s 5+ years old now and I still have it.  Most of the things I’ve had the longest originated very far away from where they are now and turned out to become some of my favorite pieces.  

If you’re looking for comments/notes, I moved them from the post header to the bottom of the post, is that less confusing?  I admit I like them much better at the bottom, it’s more natural not to scroll back up to the top of the post!  It took me a while to figure it out, I’m not as good at coding as I was in high school.  If only I could figure out how to move the post title to the post header… Of course, it would be better if I wasn’t trying to do that last night when tumblr was broken!  

LuLus.com blouson (a gift from my cousin last Christmas), necklace from the night market, Joe’s Jeans denim shorts (the find of the summer, $40 from Marshalls), Assets by Sara Blakely tights (Target but no longer available on the website in black), Sofft shoes (looking back… I wish I would have worn different shoes).