Safety Conscious Scarf

Worn on Wednesday 10 Nov 2010

Thoughts:  Seriously though, you could take someone out with this thing.  This scarf is another one of my winter favorites!  I bought it on New Year’s Eve… 2008? when I was walking across the island of Manhattan (okay so it was 8th to Lexington but it was freezing that day!) to the 6 train because by 3 pm there was not a free taxi in sight.  I think it really was 15 degrees or something, and this idiot was wearing the skinny jeans pictured along with tights and ballet flats (idiot idiot idiot), so I decided I really needed to stop in H&M to (1) defrost my feet and (2) purchase sweater tights.  And then two blocks later I decided I really needed to stop in Juicy Couture to (1) defrost my feet again and (2) purchase a gigantic scarf that required a gigantic pink bag.  

I don’t think staggeringly impractical even begins to describe this scarf— sure, I love the color and the little sparkles but this thing is HUGE.  If I hit you with one of the yarn balls on the end you would probably fall over.  You might even bruise.  I feel like I wear this scarf less than five times per fall/winter season, so I’m going to challenge myself to wear it more often, even if it’s just with a winter coat.  This is not really a scarf that’s  good for wearing indoors (well maybe if the temperature is less than 50 degrees).  

And typically… I don’t photograph looks like this one any more.  They’re much too uninspired?  Regular?  So now you know what I’m wearing if there are no photos for a day during winter.  I just had to take photos this day, I happened to walk outside during the five or ten minute window in which the light is pink (!!) and wonderful.  So yes, if the photos look pink it’s because everything was pink when I took them!  

Juicy Couture scarf, JC Penney juniors (I forget the label) shirt, J Brand 10-inch skinny jeans, Sofft shoes.