Night Keeps All Your Heart

I almost didn’t get these photos because it was so dark by the time I took them.  I think it was almost 8:30pm, really pushing it during spring.  I went out to the speakeasy (hello vintage cocktails) but instead of wearing something vaguely vintage I ended up with something rather Mary-Kate Olsen.  I actually wanted to wear something more like MK’s dress and be magically blonde for a night, but those things were clearly not happening.  So I decided to wear pants– after probably months of not wearing these black skinny jeans.

I’m also wearing the Ann Taylor nude satin and black lace pumps I bought months ago on super clearance for like $23 down from $200.  It was finally decent enough to bring them out, though now they’re safely back in the closet with all this rain.  They’re generally comfortable and very stable, but I still might have to have them stretched for my feet.  They’re a little narrow at the top of the toe.

I also made myself a new stamp/watermark– that’s a prototype up there.  It’s a little crooked and I think I’d like it to be a more distressed-looking, but overall not really bad.  What do you think?  Should I add the day of the week on there as well?

Winter Outerwear: Snowstorm of the Week

Wednesday 26 Jan 2011

It snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed (as you can see)!  This is what a snow day looks like… when I’m actually going somewhere.  Otherwise I just sit around in velour and oversized Old Navy v-neck shirts.  I walked to the post office, then Staples, then Marshalls with my friend.  I actually had no errands, I just wanted to go to Marshalls to look at the tights (there were none).  I bought some organic dark chocolate covered candied ginger instead (it was good and I totally ate it all in one day).  I eat things with ginger a lot because it promotes good digestive health and I practically have no digestion.  I am particularly fond of ginger tea, both the fresh and overly sugary instant kind :)

So this is my absolute warmest coat, except for the legs, they just get to freeze.  I forgot about that when I wore it up to Marshalls, but I wanted the hood to keep from soaking my hair, you know?  I ended up BURNING UP in Marshalls.  I don’t wear this coat often because it’s strictly outdoor only, can’t run errands or grocery shop in it ever.  I used to wear it a lot when I was in school (had it since sophomore year of college) because I could just take it off inside and drag it around wherever I was going in the same building.  And no need to carry around an umbrella for the snow.  I definitely picked that habit up in Japan, do people do that here?  I do that all the time, or wrap a scarf around my head.  If I can save my hair I will definitely do it, by any means possible!



Coach puffer coat, Burberry scarf, Aqua sweater (under there somewhere), J Brand jeans, Target boots.

A Bit of Lace

(and one more fail lens flare photo.  sigh.  one day.)

Monday 24 Jan 2011

Look!  The sidewalk!  You can see it!  But it’s still treacherous, I’m still in boots and desperately missing my heels.  These boots from Target have ended up being the surprise MVP of snow season and saved me from having a footwear repeat meltdown.  I’m pretty positive they’re made of oiled leather (they have that feeling, you know?), and they’re completely waterproof, I stand more than ankle deep in the snow all the time and while my feet get cold after a while they do stay dry!  Now if only I could have them lined in shearling…

Hope you’re having a good weekend!  I’ll be attending a dinner party tonight, what to wear… what to wear…



Alexander Wang tunic, Urban Outfitters camisole, J Brand Jeans, Xhilaration/Target boots.

Winter Outerwear: Three Old Favorites

Tuesday 18 Jan 2011

Oh, hello!  Snow day!

***Who’s going to Evolving Influence this year?

Another bit of minimal styling.  Well it was just me crunching around outside.  We had an ice storm and I really wanted photos of everything so I braved the outdoors.  Everything looked so delicate, like I could shatter the world with my fingertips.

Still dreaming of L.L. Bean duck boots but they’re on backorder until March.  The worst of the snow will be over by then, so I’m not sure if I should get them.  These are my favorite old wellingtons, I’ve had them since my first year of college.  I think they were a Christmas gift because first semester was incredibly rainy and I wore flip flops all the time because UGGs + downpour = all kinds of bad.  They have good traction and I love the tweed and velvet faux-buckle, but the feet get cold cold cold in the snow!  I’d love to have lined boots for snowy days.

This is also my favorite winter coat, although I can’t wear it much these days.  I got it when I was twenty and um… parts of me have grown since then.  I can’t button that top button any more, and open coats and temperatures in the teens and twenties are not friends.  But since I was just messing around with my camera in the yard for a little I decided I would be safe from frostbite.

By the time I went out in the afternoon the ice storm was a slush storm– I got out the old rainforest umbrella and sort of perched it on top of my head while I traipsed through the snow for photos.  I use this umbrella a lot during the winter.  And really any time it rains because it’s my favorite one.  I love the old-fashioned curved wooden handle and the uncollapsible design because it never flips inside out.  This is my third outerwear post, my other winter outerwear posts are purple coat and vintage fur.

If you’re on the east coast I hope your days are becoming less icy and your commutes less treacherous!



Recreating The Cape

My dear friends,

A year ago today is when I took the first real photos (not in the mirror) for this blog.  I thought I’d celebrate by updating the look.

I took these photos over the weekend before the biiiiig snow.  I guess it really is time to retire my stilettos for the winter, snow and more snow in the forecast for the foreseeable future.  I had to change to my Jeffrey Campbell boots to actually do anything.

Although I love the cape, I have to admit that I don’t exactly love the cape on me.  It’s not the best of silhouettes for a petite and I always feel too overwhelmed: all you can see is the cape, like HELLO CAPE— oh, and are in you there, Alex?

I wore my Alexander Wang sweater tunic/dress thing under the cape.  It has a much looser fit than I usually go for but I adore it both as a very small dress and a tunic!

Oh, I was also featured on the We Love Colors Style Blog on Wednesday.  Not a bad way to celebrate a year of photos!

Love and snowflakes,


  • Target cape, LOFT embellished belt, Alexander Wang sweater tunic/dress, Old Navy camisole, J Brand 10-inch skinny jeans, Luccia G. heels.

Safety Conscious Scarf

Worn on Wednesday 10 Nov 2010

Thoughts:  Seriously though, you could take someone out with this thing.  This scarf is another one of my winter favorites!  I bought it on New Year’s Eve… 2008? when I was walking across the island of Manhattan (okay so it was 8th to Lexington but it was freezing that day!) to the 6 train because by 3 pm there was not a free taxi in sight.  I think it really was 15 degrees or something, and this idiot was wearing the skinny jeans pictured along with tights and ballet flats (idiot idiot idiot), so I decided I really needed to stop in H&M to (1) defrost my feet and (2) purchase sweater tights.  And then two blocks later I decided I really needed to stop in Juicy Couture to (1) defrost my feet again and (2) purchase a gigantic scarf that required a gigantic pink bag.  

I don’t think staggeringly impractical even begins to describe this scarf— sure, I love the color and the little sparkles but this thing is HUGE.  If I hit you with one of the yarn balls on the end you would probably fall over.  You might even bruise.  I feel like I wear this scarf less than five times per fall/winter season, so I’m going to challenge myself to wear it more often, even if it’s just with a winter coat.  This is not really a scarf that’s  good for wearing indoors (well maybe if the temperature is less than 50 degrees).  

And typically… I don’t photograph looks like this one any more.  They’re much too uninspired?  Regular?  So now you know what I’m wearing if there are no photos for a day during winter.  I just had to take photos this day, I happened to walk outside during the five or ten minute window in which the light is pink (!!) and wonderful.  So yes, if the photos look pink it’s because everything was pink when I took them!  

Juicy Couture scarf, JC Penney juniors (I forget the label) shirt, J Brand 10-inch skinny jeans, Sofft shoes.   

Adventures With DSLR: Lighting Issues After Hours

…Or Same as Yesterday Only Later.  


1.  Hold.  Still.  Dark + crazy movement = …yeah. 

2.  Wow, my shoes look really red in these photographs.  

3.  Have those pants hemmed.  

4.  The tacky palm trees look less tacky with this camera.  I think I actually like them.  

5.  Sign up for photography classes.  

I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me

8.1.2010 ~ Sunday ~ Hello August

August first was a rather cool and dreary day, highly unusual!  I was able to wear pants for the first time in ever… sometimes I miss being able to wear pants (too hot) even if I normally favor skirts and dresses!  These are supposed to be jeggings but they don’t quite fit like they’re supposed to.  Maybe if I hemmed them it would be better?  

I’m seeing Counting Crows on Friday and it’s supposed to be hot and humid.  Any outfit suggestions?  

Free People shirt, J Brand jeggings, belt from Japan, H&M sweater, Sofft shoes.  

Yes… They are Jeggings

4.29.2010 Thursday

Debut of the jeggings.  I’ve had these for a while but just never got any photos of them.  I wore this to a casual lunch with one of my friends… and proceeded to stuff myself with a plate of pasta.  And a whole bunch of bread.  I guess it’s lucky that these jeggings are a bit too big for me, then.  I definitely couldn’t have gotten into the next size down though.  Maybe these are a little too long on me or something?  I can’t help but think jeggings should fit closer to the leg.  These are more like straight leg/skinny jeans on me. 

I’m trying out a different way of letting you know what I’m wearing… it’s the way you’re supposed to describe things on Mode Republic.  So really I’m just being lazy :)

Green shirt (Old Navy), grey and white striped cardigan (Ann Taylor Loft), brown leather belt (Target), green and white scarf (Intermix), light blue jeggings (J Brand), nude pumps (Sofft).