Night Keeps All Your Heart

I almost didn’t get these photos because it was so dark by the time I took them.  I think it was almost 8:30pm, really pushing it during spring.  I went out to the speakeasy (hello vintage cocktails) but instead of wearing something vaguely vintage I ended up with something rather Mary-Kate Olsen.  I actually wanted to wear something more like MK’s dress and be magically blonde for a night, but those things were clearly not happening.  So I decided to wear pants– after probably months of not wearing these black skinny jeans.

I’m also wearing the Ann Taylor nude satin and black lace pumps I bought months ago on super clearance for like $23 down from $200.  It was finally decent enough to bring them out, though now they’re safely back in the closet with all this rain.  They’re generally comfortable and very stable, but I still might have to have them stretched for my feet.  They’re a little narrow at the top of the toe.

I also made myself a new stamp/watermark– that’s a prototype up there.  It’s a little crooked and I think I’d like it to be a more distressed-looking, but overall not really bad.  What do you think?  Should I add the day of the week on there as well?