Sunglasses Headband

Sometimes I forget my sunglasses on my head, and then I’m like: where are they, where did they go?


I have them.

This is a new look for my leather skirt. I was trying to come up with new ways to wear it and eventually just decided on leaving my cardigan thing open over it. Has kind of a layered look. Also thought the belt was a good idea, but over the leather skirt it ended up being too much bulk and I lost it at the first opportunity. Maybe a skinny belt or sash would have been better? I like the way it looks in photos but it was just too uncomfortable.

Happy fall, everyone! Hope you’re having an awesome weekend. So far I’ve been having an awesomely lazy weekend…

Francesca’s Collections open cardigan, ZARA shirt, Gap skirt (possibly vintage), Forever 21 belt, Legale fleece-lined over-the-knees, Cole Haan ballets.

A New Cardigan

October 17, 2011

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I pretty much don’t own any seasonally appropriate clothing for winter. I have like two actual knit sweaters.

So when I saw this J.Crew Jackie cardigan at Cure Thrift Shop I bought it right away ($16 vs $62 at J.Crew). For something different, I decided to tie the ends together… like I’ve done with everything else lately. Worked well over a high waisted skirt– better proportions for a petite.

J.Crew cardigan (thrifted, Cure Thrift Shop), ZARA shirt, Theory skirt (consignment, Roundabout, SoHo), MIA ankle boots (, ancient falling apart Longchamp bag.

Velvet and Bows

October 3, 2011

Another monochromatic look for your perusal. This is clearly not today, because today was a balmy 72 earlier in the afternoon. When I wore this it didn’t even break 60 and I wanted so badly to not wear tights that I got out my over the knee boots.

I was just admiring the pretty leaves on Caitlin’s blog Re-Mix-Her. We don’t have any yet, probably because it’s been so warm. That’s nice but the leaves are falling without changing colors! Hopefully I can get to Central Park when they’ve turned and are not yet all over the ground. I think I have to actually request a permit too, so if anyone else wants their outfit photos done in Central Park I’ll take them. Might as well get use out of the permit and dragging the tripod around.

I’m attending a TJX event tomorrow at the store on 6th Ave. Lydia will be there too. Let me know if you’re going!

That’s Just My Crazy Old Aunt…

September 18, 2011

Last Sunday there was a birth in the family, and I expected to be in the delivery room. However, the baby came very suddenly on Sunday morning — the birth was estimated for the afternoon — so I arrived afterwards. And then one of my (so-called) friends informed me that I was man repelling like a champion. That I most emphatically cannot deny.

This baby is going to have way too many crazy aunts.

And I’m pretty sure that everyone in the hospital thought I was a crazy too, considering that I was at New York-Presbyterian/Weil Cornell.

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Night Keeps All Your Heart

I almost didn’t get these photos because it was so dark by the time I took them.  I think it was almost 8:30pm, really pushing it during spring.  I went out to the speakeasy (hello vintage cocktails) but instead of wearing something vaguely vintage I ended up with something rather Mary-Kate Olsen.  I actually wanted to wear something more like MK’s dress and be magically blonde for a night, but those things were clearly not happening.  So I decided to wear pants– after probably months of not wearing these black skinny jeans.

I’m also wearing the Ann Taylor nude satin and black lace pumps I bought months ago on super clearance for like $23 down from $200.  It was finally decent enough to bring them out, though now they’re safely back in the closet with all this rain.  They’re generally comfortable and very stable, but I still might have to have them stretched for my feet.  They’re a little narrow at the top of the toe.

I also made myself a new stamp/watermark– that’s a prototype up there.  It’s a little crooked and I think I’d like it to be a more distressed-looking, but overall not really bad.  What do you think?  Should I add the day of the week on there as well?

Dreams That You Dream Of

I’ve found myself with writer’s block all week.  Not sure why, I suppose I’ve just been lacking writing inspiration.  Either that or I’ve been writing way too much professionally in the past few weeks and have reached my acceptably decent writing limit.

Wore this sometime last week on a day that wasn’t too warm.  Luckily I had the in-between winter/spring coat to wear.  This week the weather’s been quite nice, I spent some time in the park today taking photos of flowers with my iPhone’s Hipstamatic app… and then I happened to look to my right and notice a suit doing the same thing with his BlackBerry, haha.  The flowers look super nice for just having popped up suddenly so I suspect some landscapers may have had something to do with that!

Weekend Again

Photo credit: Brooke McIntyre

So, weekend again, although not a really weekend look.  My skirt was totally sticking to my tights all day despite the slip I was wearing.  And that dress is even lined so all three layers were sticking to my tights, I must have acquired a lot of static electricity somehow!

It was not actually warm out, you can see that I had my wool coat and was wearing it except for the photo.  But it was quite sunny so instead of wearing my usual embellished grey ribbon belt with this dress I wore the brightest one I could find.  It looks kind of ridiculous actually, but I do like that belt (sale section at Zara last week).  For this city street photo I enlisted the help of my friend as we were on our way from lunch to catch the train downtown.  I think the tripod might be a bit precarious to use on my own, someone might totally run into it.  It’s also lightweight and not too good at standing on its three legs so I guess I’ll be looking for very quiet places to take photos whenever I have it.

One borrowed, one mine, both from internship.

Aren’t these flowers nice?  And they didn’t have much of a scent, I’m really allergic to a lot of smells during allergy season but these didn’t bother me at all!

I hope you had a good weekend! It was a friend’s birthday so we had some fondue (chocolate with sea salt!) at The Melting Pot to celebrate!