September 13, 2011

So… okay. This was more like a photography session masquerading as an outfit photoshoot. This is my Target dress that I wear all the time (seen here with Shivani) and my double wrap Ann Taylor Loft belt. Nothing especially thrilling, but they are both favorites.

I was up on my friend’s roof again to take photos… and I forgot it’s getting darker more quickly again. Should have gone up earlier. I sometimes say that I’m really more photographer than blogger (yeah, sorry about the load time) and this is an instance when that’s very true– who cares about the outfit, let’s just take pictures of New York. It was so windy anyway. Isn’t my hair crazy?

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Ann Taylor Pre-Fall

Hi guys, hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

Usually I don’t direct traffic from this blog to my tumblr, but I visited Ann Taylor the other day to have a look at the pre-fall collection. Yes, there was definitely a sleeveless trench coat involved. I posted the photos on alex elizabeth, as is my habit with most of my shopping photos.

And if you’re very curious, click a few pages back and you’ll even find photos of J.Crew and Tory Burch East Hampton.





Night Keeps All Your Heart

I almost didn’t get these photos because it was so dark by the time I took them.  I think it was almost 8:30pm, really pushing it during spring.  I went out to the speakeasy (hello vintage cocktails) but instead of wearing something vaguely vintage I ended up with something rather Mary-Kate Olsen.  I actually wanted to wear something more like MK’s dress and be magically blonde for a night, but those things were clearly not happening.  So I decided to wear pants– after probably months of not wearing these black skinny jeans.

I’m also wearing the Ann Taylor nude satin and black lace pumps I bought months ago on super clearance for like $23 down from $200.  It was finally decent enough to bring them out, though now they’re safely back in the closet with all this rain.  They’re generally comfortable and very stable, but I still might have to have them stretched for my feet.  They’re a little narrow at the top of the toe.

I also made myself a new stamp/watermark– that’s a prototype up there.  It’s a little crooked and I think I’d like it to be a more distressed-looking, but overall not really bad.  What do you think?  Should I add the day of the week on there as well?

Brights and Neutrals + FBFF First Questions


Have to be honest, this is not one of my favorite outfits.  You ever have a day when you just feel uncomfortable with what you’re wearing?  I felt really conspicuous the entire day.  It’s because I don’t think the skirt is neutral (light) enough to go with the punchy red shirt.  I felt kind of garish or something.

This scarf is a recent addition.  It’s Oscar de la Renta via Etsy, and yes, scarves totally have something to do with Pay It Forward.  I actually have one more spot available for that, email me if you’d like the last thing handmade by me (but you also have to pay it forward to five people on your blog).

The questions this week are the original ones that FBFF launched with.  I wasn’t part of FBFF at its beginning so they’re new to me!

1. Which celebrity (celebrities) do you look to for fashion inspiration?
Does Carolina Engman count?  She’s totally a blogging celebrity, right?  Lately she’s inspired me to shop for neon colors when so many of the stores in the U.S. are showing very oatmeal neutrals.  And Rumi Neely, although I wouldn’t necessarily wear the same things she does.

2. When it comes to your own personal style, what inspires you?
My fellow style bloggers inspire me much more than celebrities or blogging celebrities, actually.  Most of us don’t get gifted things all the time or attend Fashion Week.  I like to see everyday fashion more than anything else.  However, runway trends do inspire me (hello, neon and bright colors).

Anna Betty Caitlin Garance Hanh Jane Jessica Katy Kendi Lydia Shenneth Stephanie Terra Yeri

3. How do you hope to inspire your readers?
It’s nice that I sometimes inspire my readers but I don’t think it’s really necessary to inspire other people with my blog.  I just hope they like what I’m doing.  I think among style bloggers it’s often the case that we appreciate each others’ personal styles even if they aren’t our own.  Essentially we just want to see what we’re all wearing.

4. Outside the realm of fashion who/what inspires you?
The weather.  No, seriously.  Whenever it rains I want to wear neon in protest.  Also photography, especially nature and wildlife.  Almost every day I go around and take photos constantly with my iPhone or Fred or my old Sony, whatever I have.  And I don’t know if they’re for inspiration or if the photographer in me just sees beauty everywhere.  Usually I just forget about them until I’m browsing the camera roll on the train or something.  All the photos in this post are iPhone photos taken in the past few months (bonus points if you can figure out exact locations).

5. And since Idol is ending… Which songs inspire you?
…I have no idea what’s going on with American Idol right now, I totally haven’t watched that since Kelly Clarkson.  Right now Queen, Adele, Lissie, and Florence And The Machine feature heavily on my playlist.  Along with some Stevie Wonder, Soft Cell, Steely Dan, and Gin Blossoms sprinkled in.

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Cardigan Part Two: Night

10.19.10 – Tuesday – Maybe I Should Have Worn Stockings

I added a belt!  And I think I like this sweater better over a straighter skirt, it’s a cleaner line.  I’m wearing my new black Sofft pumps from zappos.  I wear a lot of comfort shoes because I have problem feet from ten years of ballet when I was younger.  I have extremely high arches and my right foot is significantly wider than my left at the toes.  I suspect broken toes that I never got checked (can’t do anything anyway) but it could just be some kind of anomaly.  Anyway, I highly recommend Sofft for problem feet, or feet that just hurt, especially in heels!  I wear heels a lot, so Sofft is one of my standard brands for classic, wearable shoes.  I would wear flats a lot more if not for Sofft!  

A French bulldog is the perfect accessory for any outfit!  His name is Maxwell Edison, and he belongs to my cousin.  I think he leapt about two feet for the treat I had in my hand, and then he proceeded to walk out of the photo anyway!  Guess I’m just not much of a dog trainer, I never had much success with my dog either!

Banana Republic cardigan, LOFT belt, Anthropologie shirt, Ann Taylor skirt, Burberry scarf, Sofft shoes.  


7.20.2010 ~ Monday

It’s the time of year that it rains every day and the air is just saturated with water… every movement feels like swimming!  Typically during this weather I wear the lightest fabrics I own with little embellishment and no jewelry.  I can’t imagine trying to wear a jacket or small sweater — it’s just too hot!  

Ann Taylor shirt, J. Crew skirt, Sofft pumps.