Free People Holiday 2012

Free People Holiday is my absolute favorite catalog of the entire year and always a great resource for holiday dressing inspiration. I love the party dresses and covet them every year. What do you think, do you like Free People’s approach to holiday as much as I do?

P.S. I ducked into Free People yesterday to see some of these pieces in person and am seriously in love with the sequins. The holiday store decorations are seriously sparking, too. Wish I had some of these lanterns to decorate with!

Flowers for Fall

October 7, 2011

Sorry for going dark here since Monday. I feel like every electronic thing I own has broken or needed repairs lately. Just got a new battery for my Mac today, thankfully it’s still under warranty. I updated Aperture 3 (my image editing software) and it doesn’t work very well any more so my photos have been languishing on the hard drive. Also, if you follow me on Twitter you know that something’s up with my iPhone.

Is Mercury in retrograde right now? For serious, I don’t know what is going on.

Wearing my new-to-me Velvet wrap (swapped with Lydia), Free People dress, MIA ankle boots, Foley + Corinna bag, and ken + dana ring.

Hurricane Before and After

So it was a little windy on Sunday after the hurricane, and unbelievably cool for August although the sun appeared late in the day. I’m still a little behind because of the disruption from the storm.

Everything cleared up rather nicely after the hurricane, although so many people I know were left without power for most of the week.

The rain wasn’t too bad Saturday before the hurricane so I kept my dinner engagement, thankful that I wore my rain boots because the puddles were much larger later in the evening. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve become obsessed with this sweater again. It seems like the perfect thing to wear when a heavier knit would be too warm.

And did anyone else with power still available notice Me, Myself & Irene on TV? Terrible timing.

What I Wear to Take People’s Photos

13 August 2011

It’s true, I really am that ridiculous. Not the best choice of outfits for a photoshoot, but by now you should realize that I wouldn’t be wearing sweatpants. Even if I was rolling around in the grass to change my perspective and get some cool baby bump shots and eek I almost rolled right into rabbit poo (that’s okay, I guess it’s just clover after all…). I was wearing my lace edged slip anyway, you can see it peeking out a little.

The hat is the only really functional piece. Keeps the sun out of my eyes, especially when I’m placing a subject with her back to the sun.

I’m wearing my old Free People dress from spring 2009, Calypso for Target belt, J.Crew hat and ribbon tied around it, and Stuart Weitzman flatforms (on sale now!!).

Dreams That You Dream Of

I’ve found myself with writer’s block all week.  Not sure why, I suppose I’ve just been lacking writing inspiration.  Either that or I’ve been writing way too much professionally in the past few weeks and have reached my acceptably decent writing limit.

Wore this sometime last week on a day that wasn’t too warm.  Luckily I had the in-between winter/spring coat to wear.  This week the weather’s been quite nice, I spent some time in the park today taking photos of flowers with my iPhone’s Hipstamatic app… and then I happened to look to my right and notice a suit doing the same thing with his BlackBerry, haha.  The flowers look super nice for just having popped up suddenly so I suspect some landscapers may have had something to do with that!

Tiny Flowers for Spring

29 March 2011

I realized after I wore this that the ruffles of my dress made weird lines on the sweater… oops, the thicker knits I usually wear with this dress don’t show the ruffles.  After I took it off I also realized that the sweater has at least 8 holes.  Time to search for a replacement I guess (especially because I wore it to work and then a casual happy hour/birthday celebration).

Please come soon, spring!  It was so windy again over the weekend (although the sun was shining) but it seems like it’s back to rain for the week again.  At least the temperatures are holding in the 50s?  Seriously though, if it’s warm enough to wear bare legs where you are and I haven’t commented on your blog in a while it means I’m too depressed to read it.  Spring is definitely late this year.  All I can say is that my March 2010 archives from last year look a lot different than March 2011.

…so I just checked the archives for real and I was definitely wearing this mid-March 2010:

Just… less rain please, weather.  I know rain is good but I’m starting to feel like I should enter for an puddle jumping contest because I would totally win.  And I would really like to completely repeat that outfit again this spring.

The Last of the Snow is Behind Me… I Hope

26 March 2011

As of Saturday there was still snow on the ground.  It’s gone now though, but still.  Gah.  Despite how lovely and sunny and springy the first photo looks it was actually cold enough for gloves and way too cold to be in summer weight fabrics with cap sleeves.

Practical dressing is really not my strong suit.

These are my new jeans, they’re what I was braving the ice rain for in SoHo last week (they were on sale, I had to go- $15 off!).  They’re the new(ish) Levi’s Curve ID and the fit is a lot better than I expected, almost perfect for me.  They’ve stretched out more than I hoped for though so I might buy the next size down as well for a slimmer fit.  Designer denim is apparently just a huge waste of money for me, if you want any of it let me know, I’ll be purging most of my collection this weekend.

So excited to be wearing heels again that I’ve been wearing these boots nonstop.  My feet were hurting a bit today and I took the Dr. Scholls foam insoles out… somehow they’re much more comfortable without them?