Hello, My Name is Zelda

Happy Halloween! I intended on being a flapper or a witch… and ended up with Zelda Fitzgerald. I do wish I had photos that were a bit clearer because this is definitely a favorite costume, but we were kind of having this little problem over the weekend.

…so that was a no on photos outside. Although I would have braved it if not for the wind. I’ve had the tripod blown over before and my 35mm lens has the scars to prove it.

I didn’t really have any adornment for my hair so I put a necklace in it, an idea I got from The Vintage Valley.

I’m very glad I had an apartment party to attend. Changed my boots for heels when I got there. The pile of snow gear in the corner kept growing as more guests arrived.

Everything for this costume came out of my closet… so does that make it a costume or some craziness I would normally wear? I should wear it to the speakeasy one night.

Donna Morgan dress (gift), scarf from Turkey (gift from cousin), Seychelles shoes, Talbots glass pearls, necklace from Brooklyn Flea (in hair), bracelet from India (gift from friends). And Target boots in the corner for the snow.

Pre-Photoshoot in the Gardens

12 August 2011

These are actually test shots for a maternity photoshoot that I stood in for to check the light. My friend (of the baby shower) asked me for some artsy black and white photos. So I needed to scout locations for privacy and test the light beforehand. I think I found some lovely options.

I wore black and white because my friend has paler skin than I do and will be wearing black. I wanted as close to possible as that so I could get a more accurate idea of how the contrast will turn out once I black and white the photos. A really good back and white photograph is much more than just applying a filter. Location also matters.

These photos make me realize how much I need my hair cut. The last time I went to the salon was February… I think? I’m definitely going to call for an appointment!

Sometimes I Carry a Parasol


If Wednesday Addams had a sundress I think it would look like this. One year for Halloween I was Morticia Addams and my grand aunt sewed me a fabulous black dress with long, trailing sleeves and a mermaidish bottom. Wish it still fit, but I was eight or nine at the time. Now that I think of it, I guess I’ve always been a little bit dark with my clothing choices.

I got this parasol when I was sixteen on my first student exchange visit to Japan. It was late July/early August and hotter and more humid than anywhere I’d ever been. I bought anything that might have the ability to keep me cool, including multiple fans to match different outfits. One of my chaperone/interpreters carried this neo-Victorian black parasol with a curved wooden handle that I really admired. It was very stylish and she had a black lace fan, too.

I always get nostalgic about being in Japan around this time of year. And let’s face it, any time there’s a major cultural holiday in Japan. I wish I could travel more but Asia is just so far and so expensive. I have to start carving out a place in the budget for travel funds.

…maybe after I find a paying job.

Forever 21 dress and belt, Seychelles shoes, parasol from Japan.

A Dress and a Skirt

It’s 80 degrees today!  Wow, seriously, when did that happen?  If only it were a little bit sunnier… but I’ll take 80 over yesterday’s temperatures for sure.

I’m wearing my new Seychelles sandals!  I first saw them at Anthropologie but I ended up getting them from Revolve for almost 50% less!  So glad I checked other retailers first.  I finally understand about the cult of Seychelles, too.  These are among the most comfortable sandals I own and really nice for wide feet.  I’m contemplating ordering them in more colors.

You might remember that I went to the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale a few weeks ago (utter chaos, seriously), and this is the product of my frenzied evening: the Morning After Clutch.  It’s not quite this bright in person.  I was dead set on a hot pink MAC but I only saw other pink colors and ended up really liking the yellow bags.  I can’t wait to get more use out of this bag during the summer :)

Bleubird dress (under skirt), Odille/Anthropologie skirt, Charlotte Russe belt, Seychelles sandals, Rebecca Minkoff MAC.