An Outfit In Pieces

Last Wednesday I met my friend Kristine at Madison Square Eats!  It was a nice night to kick off early Memorial Day Weekend celebrations.  Kristine does merchandising for Ralph Lauren so I wanted to ask her to take a few photos of me, but…

…it had been a while since we last saw each other, and we talked and laughed and it got dark.  That’s why this outfit is in pieces.  Don’t worry though, you’ll be seeing it again because it might actually be my Independence Day outfit.

There are a lot of good vendors at Madison Square Eats (including a Mexican food truck that’s next on my list) but I decided on fried ribs from Eataly and cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar… yum!  Cornflake-chocolate chip-marshmallow and chocolate chocolate are my favorite Milk Bar cookies.

J.Crew shirt, American Apparel skirt, ZARA belt, Seychelles sandals, ken + dana jewelry.


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      It’s just a mini milk bar tent in the park but the real milk bar is cool too!  Really tiny and best for getting things to go, but they always have interesting (and sometimes kind of bizarre) desserts.