I’ve had a lot of least favorites over the past week or two, so I just decided I’d post them all at once and move on to some things I like much more.

In retrospect, I wish I would have worn a belt.  At the time though I thought the belt looked too fussy, like it was getting to be too much with all the accessories (I was wearing a ton of bracelets on my left arm and the necklace, boots, rings, bag…).

I do own stripes… but I really don’t like them.  The cardigan is loose but the buttons still gape and that drives me crazy!

Guess where (studio).  This was taken last week during on the day I said I swam to Anthropologie.  It’s true, I don’t know what I would have done without the boots.  I feel bad for the people in flip flops, dirty dirty puddles on the street and in the subway.  I feel like this outfit should be from winter :P

Well, that’s it!  On to better things and FBFF tomorrow!



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    I don’t think they are all too terrible, but I get hating an outfit because of something being too fussy or having one element that just seems off to you (but probably is unnoticeable to everyone else)