Feather Dress on a Bridge

November 9, 2011

I decided to try to make better use of this dress, but it’s a difficult piece because the cotton voile is such a summery fabric. It’s also a one-shoulder, so the line isn’t good under a sweater and I think it looks kind of odd across the chest. It’s a favorite dress though, so I’m continually looking for new ways to wear it. I think a cropped jacket would work, although I don’t have any right now.

Packing is so time consuming! I’ve hardly been doing anything else and surviving mainly on coffee. Hopefully things will settle soon.

Gap blazer, Leifsdottir dress, Talbots scarf, Francesca’s Collections cardigan, Frye boots, Coach bag.

The dress by itself:

Change in the Daylight

From last weekend… the day started off very nice actually, but ended rainy and very cold.  I didn’t bother with my jacket although definitely would have taken it if I had left later in the day.  I had lunch at the tea room (!!!) that I adore.  I don’t care what anyone says, I think Irish food is actually quite good.  And black currant tea, too.  I love black currant things.

My bow fell out in the first photo and I didn’t realize it.  That’s what happens with silky scarves, I suppose, so I redid it and took a photo on the table.  It’s a bit of a closer up of the vintage Oscar de la Renta scarf I got on Etsy.

Gone are the sans jacket days in New York… people are wearing tights again today.  TIGHTS.  It’s mid-May.  I refuse.

LOFT shirt, Charlotte Russe belt, Odille (Anthropologie) skirt, Frye boots, Oscar de la Renta scarf, Louis Vuitton pochette.

Weekender (For Real This Time)

Guys.  I think I finally got it.  A weekender look.  For real (but are the heels too much?).  I have the cotton thing down, mostly… also the loose open cardigan and denim as well.  This is a totally legit weekend ouftit, right?  Also, look up, there’s tiny growth on that tree!  There are going to be actual leaves soon.  So happy.

And also, if you’re interested in winning this necklace:

my internship is collaborating with Moxsie on Facebook for a contest– all you have to do to enter is post a photo of yourself to the event wall!

Tiny Flowers for Spring

29 March 2011

I realized after I wore this that the ruffles of my dress made weird lines on the sweater… oops, the thicker knits I usually wear with this dress don’t show the ruffles.  After I took it off I also realized that the sweater has at least 8 holes.  Time to search for a replacement I guess (especially because I wore it to work and then a casual happy hour/birthday celebration).

Please come soon, spring!  It was so windy again over the weekend (although the sun was shining) but it seems like it’s back to rain for the week again.  At least the temperatures are holding in the 50s?  Seriously though, if it’s warm enough to wear bare legs where you are and I haven’t commented on your blog in a while it means I’m too depressed to read it.  Spring is definitely late this year.  All I can say is that my March 2010 archives from last year look a lot different than March 2011.

…so I just checked the archives for real and I was definitely wearing this mid-March 2010:

Just… less rain please, weather.  I know rain is good but I’m starting to feel like I should enter for an puddle jumping contest because I would totally win.  And I would really like to completely repeat that outfit again this spring.

The Last of the Snow is Behind Me… I Hope

26 March 2011

As of Saturday there was still snow on the ground.  It’s gone now though, but still.  Gah.  Despite how lovely and sunny and springy the first photo looks it was actually cold enough for gloves and way too cold to be in summer weight fabrics with cap sleeves.

Practical dressing is really not my strong suit.

These are my new jeans, they’re what I was braving the ice rain for in SoHo last week (they were on sale, I had to go- $15 off!).  They’re the new(ish) Levi’s Curve ID and the fit is a lot better than I expected, almost perfect for me.  They’ve stretched out more than I hoped for though so I might buy the next size down as well for a slimmer fit.  Designer denim is apparently just a huge waste of money for me, if you want any of it let me know, I’ll be purging most of my collection this weekend.

So excited to be wearing heels again that I’ve been wearing these boots nonstop.  My feet were hurting a bit today and I took the Dr. Scholls foam insoles out… somehow they’re much more comfortable without them?

Here Comes The Flood Again

10 March 2011

So yeah, you can see in the background that everything was basically underwater when it rained last week.  My hair got a bit damp and started to curl so I think it looks sort of vintage in these photos.  They got a hold of me while I was in Sephora and I ended up testing the Temptu and having my eye makeup redone.  It always looks so much better when someone does it for me… wish I could stop into Sephora and have that done every day!  I liked the Temptu but I feel like I look a little too made up in these photos, what do you think?  Can you tell the difference?

P.S.  I swear a lot of time actually passed from the last photos and when I wore this shirt again.  I’ve been mildly obsessed with it lately.

Edit:  Also Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’m wearing green!

And this is for real what I looked like all day.  Totally hiding under the umbrella as much as possible because the rain was blowing sideways.  There was really no escaping it.

J.Crew shirt and sash, Anthropologie skirt, Assets by Sara Blakely (Target) tights, Frye shoes, vintage umbrella, ring borrowed from internship.

I Think It’s The Shoes

20 Feb 2011

So I don’t totally love this outfit…  I think it’s the shoes.  I expected them to blend in with the navy tights (worn with the help of Spanx) a little bit more, but… they didn’t.  I should have probably dug up some brown sandals or something, no matter if they would have been slightly ridiculous with snow still on the ground.

I wore this to go do some general running around.  And then I just suddenly happened to be in the Coach store.  I did receive a really good discount from them in the mail ($100 off $300 or more) so I just wanted to look around and see the spring collection.  They pressure you a lot to buy things though, and that really makes me not want to go to the store.  I was also so surprised that no one in the store could recognize a vintage Coach bag.  I guess Coach has changed a lot since I was younger and they’ve done a lot of rebranding.  I think they’re losing touch with their classic look… which makes me sad.

Change in seasons has been wreaking havoc with my sinuses so I have such dark undereye circles now, I didn’t walk into a wall or something.  But I’m enjoying the clear sidewalks for the first time in a long time and I hope you are too!

J.Crew cardigan, shirt, and skirt; Anthropologie belt, Merona Premium Collection/Target tights, Frye shoes, vintage Coach bag.

Grown Up Gossip Girl

7 Feb 2010

Still working on postmarks with the actual date.  Sometime soon I hope!  I might have to buy some, I’m not talented enough with graphics to create my own/don’t have the patience to learn.

This was my original Gossip Girl look.  This dress reminds me a lot of early Gossip Girl actually, like season one early.  I love the design but the fabric tends to frustrate me because it wrinkles so easily– that’s a €15 dress, I suppose.  I have good memories attached to it though.  Shopping in Ireland!  I do wish I had gone to some of the vintage stores but I hadn’t yet realized how good and popular they are at the time that I visited.  Next time for sure!

Happy Monday, everyone!  I’m in Chelsea today if anyone’s around (i.e. let’s go drink coffee at 5 and call it happy hour).



J.Crew cardigan and belt, Atmosphere (I think, got in Ireland) dress, Commando tights, Frye shoes, LV bag, Coach scarf and sunglasses.

Almost Too Dark

My dear friends,

I almost didn’t get photos of the outfit I wore to the dinner party because it was going on six o’clock when I finished dressing.  The exposure value is pushed all the way up and the flash is on as well in these photos.  So the color/lighting is a little odd- the farther I stand from the camera the more the photos look darker and less focused (sorry).  I shot this look before a long time ago but forgot about it, I skipped photos because I was so behind.  I didn’t wear it anywhere good anyway, so definitely no harm in repeating!  I do occasionally repeat entire outfits that I’m really fond of.

The dinner party was excellent!  Dinner parties at that household are never to be missed.  If you’re out of state then come back, seriously.  I ate so much.  I never can say no to corned beef and the home made banana chocolate cake with icing made entirely out of chocolate.  I can hardly ever eat cake any more due to too much milk in the icing so of course I ate two pieces (they were thin, I swear)!



Gap blazer, scarf from Turkey (gift from cousin), J.Crew cardigan and belt (not pictured), H&M dress, Forever 21 velvet leggings, Frye boots.