Spring Accessories

Dear Kelsey,

I’m out in the country, so I trotted off — okay, drove — to Target, which has been some producing some nice accessories lately (although the prices do reflect the better than usual quality). Cuffs like these are made by a popular jewelry designer whose name currently escapes me. At first I thought they were Alexis Bittar-inspired, but I don’t think that’s right. I just can’t remember where I’ve seen them before. It’s a popular style, so possibly in the collections of several different designers. They’re $24.99 each, which honestly seems a little steep, although the agate does appear genuine to me. …

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Getting Lost in the Park

The black dress appears again! This is not really one of my better or more interesting looks. I just decided on something easy. And I’m notorious for wearing sleeveless things even in the dead of winter. I’m not really in a park– it’s Stuyvesant Town. Stuyvesant Town is a pretty old development so the trees are very tall, like in all the older parks in New York. Hardly any of the city is visible, so it barely even feels like Manhattan. It’s interesting to step off the street and immediately be somewhere so quiet.

And okay, seriously… you see all those green trees? It’s barely even fall. But yeah, these photos are from October.

Later on after I got lost in the park I met Nnenna to take some photos before having pho for dinner. We went inside the courtyard of St. Mark’s Church. It’s not a high traffic area and a good place for a photoshoot.

On Alex: London Fog trench, Alexander Wang dress, Target boots, Martine’s Dream scarf (Brooklyn Flea), Longchamp bag.

On Nnenna: Target Trench and Tights, Forever 21 Dress (underneath), Steve Madden Flats, Lulu’s Bag.

Other ways I’ve worn this dress:

Breakfast at T. J. Maxx

Yesterday morning I attended T. J. Maxx’s Buyer for a Day at the store in Flatiron.

Over breakfast, Alison Deyette talked to us about what buyers do at Marshalls and
T. J. Maxx, and how they’re different from buyers for other stores. She also showed us some fall trends buyers are currently picking up– keep an eye out for boots of all kinds, statement necklaces, and sweater dresses in unexpected shapes.
Alison Deyette shows us some fall trends.
We learned about how Marshalls and T. J. Maxx work directly with designers to stock current, in-season merchandise at up to 60% off. Buyers for Marshalls and T. J. Maxx stores buy an astonishing 40 weeks of the year, not just at times when seasonal collections become available. I also never knew that by working directly with designers, buyers are able to obtain colors sold exclusively at Marshalls and T. J. Maxx stores.

We also covered the principles of Fashion-Quality-Brand-Price. Buyers use these principles to provide on trend, first quality merchandise from brands customers know at up to 60% savings vs. department stores.

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Swapped Stripes and Leather

September 20, 2011

Okay, so… the topstitching on my jacket is definitely coming out at the bottom. I have to find someone to fix it. I confess I don’t even remember what I was doing on this day because it was so long ago. I need to load photos in a more timely manner than I have been for the past month. What happened to the weekend, for serious… it’s Sunday? And for that matter what happened to September too. October really crept up on me.

Wearing my Ellen Tracy rain coat, Xhilaration/Target striped shirt from the ModSwap, Gap leather skirt, French Sole flats, and bag I can’t remember the name of stolen from my roommate.


September 13, 2011

So… okay. This was more like a photography session masquerading as an outfit photoshoot. This is my Target dress that I wear all the time (seen here with Shivani) and my double wrap Ann Taylor Loft belt. Nothing especially thrilling, but they are both favorites.

I was up on my friend’s roof again to take photos… and I forgot it’s getting darker more quickly again. Should have gone up earlier. I sometimes say that I’m really more photographer than blogger (yeah, sorry about the load time) and this is an instance when that’s very true– who cares about the outfit, let’s just take pictures of New York. It was so windy anyway. Isn’t my hair crazy?

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Hurricane Before and After

So it was a little windy on Sunday after the hurricane, and unbelievably cool for August although the sun appeared late in the day. I’m still a little behind because of the disruption from the storm.

Everything cleared up rather nicely after the hurricane, although so many people I know were left without power for most of the week.

The rain wasn’t too bad Saturday before the hurricane so I kept my dinner engagement, thankful that I wore my rain boots because the puddles were much larger later in the evening. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve become obsessed with this sweater again. It seems like the perfect thing to wear when a heavier knit would be too warm.

And did anyone else with power still available notice Me, Myself & Irene on TV? Terrible timing.

The Reoccurring Dress and Belt Combination

A while ago (I think it may have been for FBFF) I said I didn’t really have a go-to outfit.  That’s not entirely true: I don’t have one, but if I’m pressed for time and don’t like anything I’ve put on yet I tend to repeat at least 50% of something previously worn.  I’ve photographed this exact same belt and dress at least twice before on the blog and I can tell you I’ve worn it at least six more times than that (both of these are so old I’ve had them since before I started taking photos).

Also, have you ever felt like you’ve just had a bad hair month?  I feel that way about March.  I’m still hoping for that “out like a lamb” weather to happen… March, you have 14 more hours.


I Think It’s The Shoes

20 Feb 2011

So I don’t totally love this outfit…  I think it’s the shoes.  I expected them to blend in with the navy tights (worn with the help of Spanx) a little bit more, but… they didn’t.  I should have probably dug up some brown sandals or something, no matter if they would have been slightly ridiculous with snow still on the ground.

I wore this to go do some general running around.  And then I just suddenly happened to be in the Coach store.  I did receive a really good discount from them in the mail ($100 off $300 or more) so I just wanted to look around and see the spring collection.  They pressure you a lot to buy things though, and that really makes me not want to go to the store.  I was also so surprised that no one in the store could recognize a vintage Coach bag.  I guess Coach has changed a lot since I was younger and they’ve done a lot of rebranding.  I think they’re losing touch with their classic look… which makes me sad.

Change in seasons has been wreaking havoc with my sinuses so I have such dark undereye circles now, I didn’t walk into a wall or something.  But I’m enjoying the clear sidewalks for the first time in a long time and I hope you are too!

J.Crew cardigan, shirt, and skirt; Anthropologie belt, Merona Premium Collection/Target tights, Frye shoes, vintage Coach bag.