The Reoccurring Dress and Belt Combination

A while ago (I think it may have been for FBFF) I said I didn’t really have a go-to outfit.  That’s not entirely true: I don’t have one, but if I’m pressed for time and don’t like anything I’ve put on yet I tend to repeat at least 50% of something previously worn.  I’ve photographed this exact same belt and dress at least twice before on the blog and I can tell you I’ve worn it at least six more times than that (both of these are so old I’ve had them since before I started taking photos).

Also, have you ever felt like you’ve just had a bad hair month?  I feel that way about March.  I’m still hoping for that “out like a lamb” weather to happen… March, you have 14 more hours.



  1. Anonymous says

    The great thing about this dress is it has interest on it’s own but because it’s generally neutral you can pair it with so much fun stuff. It should be your go to. It’s fantastic!

  2. says

    You already I know I love that dress, so I can see why it’s your go-to.
    As for the lamb bit… Given the rain I get to go stand in and take photos right now, I’m thiking it won’t happen. Ugh. I guess I’ll I’ve got to say to march is good riddance.