Getting Lost in the Park

The black dress appears again! This is not really one of my better or more interesting looks. I just decided on something easy. And I’m notorious for wearing sleeveless things even in the dead of winter. I’m not really in a park– it’s Stuyvesant Town. Stuyvesant Town is a pretty old development so the trees are very tall, like in all the older parks in New York. Hardly any of the city is visible, so it barely even feels like Manhattan. It’s interesting to step off the street and immediately be somewhere so quiet.

And okay, seriously… you see all those green trees? It’s barely even fall. But yeah, these photos are from October.

Later on after I got lost in the park I met Nnenna to take some photos before having pho for dinner. We went inside the courtyard of St. Mark’s Church. It’s not a high traffic area and a good place for a photoshoot.

On Alex: London Fog trench, Alexander Wang dress, Target boots, Martine’s Dream scarf (Brooklyn Flea), Longchamp bag.

On Nnenna: Target Trench and Tights, Forever 21 Dress (underneath), Steve Madden Flats, Lulu’s Bag.

Other ways I’ve worn this dress:

The Cove

Well look what I found during my recent journeys around New York.

All this time, and I had no idea Stuyvesant Cove Park was such a nice place to go.

There are even some well-cared for gardens. Berries on the bushes are one of the only visible signs that it’s fall in New York.

And there’s even a tiny beach. I would have gone down, but I don’t think I would have been able to get back up. One must leap the fence.

Gap blazer, H&M dress, LOFT belt, MIA ( shoes, Longchamp bag.

City of Letters

Just a short post for today, I’ll be back with something a bit better tomorrow. If you follow me on Instagram (alexshook), you know that I’ve really been getting around New York. I’ve been in Williamsburg twice in the past month and DUMBO for the first time. I really can’t believe I’d never been in Brooklyn Bridge Park before.

I’ve been spending more time in Alphabet City as well. I don’t know how I’d never been there before last month either, especially because it’s so close to my neighborhood. It’s quite a good place to wander around, especially on a Sunday after a jaunt to Brooklyn Flea. Only one stop on the L.

It’s officially coat season in New York. London Fog trench, J.Crew blouse and skirt, Cole Haan shoes, Longchamp bag.

Manhattan from the East River Waterfront, Williamsburg.

A New Cardigan

October 17, 2011

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I pretty much don’t own any seasonally appropriate clothing for winter. I have like two actual knit sweaters.

So when I saw this J.Crew Jackie cardigan at Cure Thrift Shop I bought it right away ($16 vs $62 at J.Crew). For something different, I decided to tie the ends together… like I’ve done with everything else lately. Worked well over a high waisted skirt– better proportions for a petite.

J.Crew cardigan (thrifted, Cure Thrift Shop), ZARA shirt, Theory skirt (consignment, Roundabout, SoHo), MIA ankle boots (, ancient falling apart Longchamp bag.

Winter Outerwear: Black and White

17 Feb 2011

Warmth!  It was very welcome after all the snow, rain, and freezing rain lately.  I even have proof that I wasn’t the only crazy out without a jacket, the guy in the background is totally carrying his.  Sorry for no post yesterday, so much to do lately!  And sorry I’ve been a really bad blog reader/commenter too, I’m hoping to become up to date with everyone later in the week.

This coat isn’t actually winter outerwear because it’s so light, but I was able to wear it one day at the beginning of the thaw.  The snow is melting and I hope there won’t be any more.  I love snow but it was a seriously snowy winter.  Some of my other winter outwear posts are Vintage, Snow Falling, Three Old Favorites, and Snowstorm of the Week.

I really like this ring!  But I had to give it back.

Forever 21 coat, Francesca’s Collections shirt, BDG/Urban Outfitters skirt, Assets by Sara Blakely tights, Cole Haan shoes, b-side by ken and dana jewelry.

Not a Snow Day

Thursday 3 Feb 2011

I’m not really wearing yellow, but I am carrying yellow.  I hardly use this bag any more so I decided to bring it out for yellow week.  I used to carry it all the time in school, but it’s really big so now I mostly use it when I’m traveling.  I also decided that I needed to wear grey and brown today.  I’m not sure if it works, I definitely would have preferred different shoes.

I usually take photos around sunset, but these I took in the morning.  I’m so much paler-looking earlier in the day.  That’s my actual skin tone right now in the dead of winter.  I think I prefer the light in the afternoon because I look a little less vampire at that time of the day.  And what’s up with my lipstick?  Yikes, I guess I need some with warmer tones.  Either that or my lips are actually blue under there from the cold!



Old Navy shirt, Anthropologie belt, LOFT skirt, HUE tights, Target boots, Antik Batik, Longchamp bag.