Spring Accessories

Dear Kelsey,

I’m out in the country, so I trotted off — okay, drove — to Target, which has been some producing some nice accessories lately (although the prices do reflect the better than usual quality). Cuffs like these are made by a popular jewelry designer whose name currently escapes me. At first I thought they were Alexis Bittar-inspired, but I don’t think that’s right. I just can’t remember where I’ve seen them before. It’s a popular style, so possibly in the collections of several different designers. They’re $24.99 each, which honestly seems a little steep, although the agate does appear genuine to me.

I was really tempted by this necklace. It’s $19.99 (Update: it’s actually $29.99, but on clearance for $20.98 at my store) and looks like a combination of Ippolita‘s and Alexis Bittar‘s rose gold work to me. Like everyone else in New York, I really like Alexis Bittar. I don’t have anything by him. Yet. I have to return a Jason Wu for Target dress, so I might go back for this one. What do you think? Worth it?

It’s very apparent that there’s a strong nautical theme going on with the accessories. I thought of Lydia when I saw this necklace. Also $19.99, and definitely seems overpriced. Behind the starfish are huge knotted necklaces. They don’t really look that good, however…

…the bracelets are nicer. These are also $19.99 each. I like the gold hardware, but someone with more skill at making things could probably DIY them from Pinterest.

More starfish! I’m not really sure what they mean by “semi-precious stone” and I forgot to check. Could be the turquoise, but I’m pretty sure it’s imitation. Probably the agate.

There were even a few nautical-inspired belts hiding out in another section. Well, the rope one on the left is questionable, but the white and brown one on the right definitely has a nautical vibe.

And last, the faux-ostrich Merona handbags look really nice in person and are only $29.99. I think they’re well-priced, but I could still be in sticker shock over the bags at Coach, half of which are now $798.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend (and that you haven’t run into anyone at JC Penney lately)!



  1. marianne m says

    Love all the blue earrings, they are so pretty i could imagine them with a cocktail inspired dress and pulled back hair, especially the one with the 3 blue tyrqoise and aqua stones is so fab, and that rose gold necklace is fab u should buy it.
    the rope necklaces are so ugly though

  2. says

    That necklace isn’t really my style, but I bet it would look cool on you. I really want to go jewelry shopping with you now, though, so you could tell me about the stuff we’d be looking at!

  3. says

    Alex, I finally stopped by my Target two days ago and there were 3 dresses left in the Jason Wu “section” if you could call it that, even. So I took a pretty long stroll through the accessories section and saw all these goodies too! I’m also crushing on that necklace, actually. Still up in the air about whether or not to get it or to find a similar one on etsy…

  4. says

    I don’t think I know what that means. What is going on at JC Penny? I checked your twitter feed to see if I missed something… but I still don’t know.

    I think those cuffs are a bit over priced, and I really want one, but I don’t like the kind with the wire wrap. I want one with the stone inlayed. Like this crazy expensive one: http://www.shopbop.com/agate-solid-cuff-alchemia-by/vp/v=1/845524441923803.htm?folderID=2534374302199240&fm=browse-brand-shopbysize-viewall&colorId=13049

    I think $30 is reasonable for a fake bag. Or, $30 is pretty much the going rate. I don’t think you should spend more than $40 on fake anything. Did you know the Marc by Marc Jacobs Ostrich bags are PVC? $300 some odd dollars for plastic? Seriously? Seriously?
    …and I take issue with paying more for the designer names in the diffusion lines….

    • says

      Oh you’ll have to go visit Kelsey’s blog and read all about the woman with the potato fixation. I checked today and the agate on the cuffs is genuine. It doesn’t say so but I can tell the difference hahhaa. Geodes and pieces like that actually are pretty expensive, though I don’t know why.

    • says

      Ack it wouldn’t let me finish. It doesn’t surprise me that the Marc line has deteriorated so much. I think I’m going to sell my bag because I never carry it any more. Of you want to talk prices for synth then check out Stella McCartney… I think the fabrics were still crap with Jason Wu for Target (even the lined ones are sheer), but the craftsmanship was excellent on all the pieces I saw in person except for one dress. Otherwise no hanging threds, seams finished beautifully, etc. and a lot of edges done with… I’m blanking. Not French seams…