Manhattan Bridge After Sunset

Dear Dotty,

I have made an incredible discovery. I have found a natural habitat for style bloggers: Brooklyn Bridge Park at the golden hour.

I thought I might go down by the water, put my camera on the steps, and take some photos. However, I immediately realized it would not be possible. All over Brooklyn Bridge Park there are people with tripods. Everywhere. I’ve never seen so many shutterbugs out at once (except maybe at blogger events).

I got these behind Jane’s Carousel, in what I thought might be a quiet area. Nope, three more tripods hiding out, and more infringing on my spot. I, not having a tripod, plopped my camera on the steps and took some photos of myself anyway. The Manhattan Bridge gets no love from the photogs, which is probably the only reason I got this little bit of empty space.

I feel so lucky to be able to be here. To take a bus and a train and be in Brooklyn and see this is just incredible. Watching the sun set behind the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the best things I have ever seen.



  1. marianne m says

    God i hope i could live in NY, i love this city its trully magical, the pics u show us are fab not only to take pics but to look at for hours.
    and love the splash of purple coming from your dress (?) and that bag is so fab, a simple black versatile bag. 

  2. says

    Well at least you were in good company!
    I love that you did the belt over the coat – it’s a cool way of making your outerwear feel more like a part of the completed look.

    • says

      Oh yeah I forgot to mention how boring my outfit is… it was too cold and windy to take the coat off. I took the original belt off because it’s difficult to buckle and have been using this $5 from Target. Worked out well! It used to take me forever to buckle the belt.