Hurricane Before and After

So it was a little windy on Sunday after the hurricane, and unbelievably cool for August although the sun appeared late in the day. I’m still a little behind because of the disruption from the storm.

Everything cleared up rather nicely after the hurricane, although so many people I know were left without power for most of the week.

The rain wasn’t too bad Saturday before the hurricane so I kept my dinner engagement, thankful that I wore my rain boots because the puddles were much larger later in the evening. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve become obsessed with this sweater again. It seems like the perfect thing to wear when a heavier knit would be too warm.

And did anyone else with power still available notice Me, Myself & Irene on TV? Terrible timing.

The House in the Woods (+FBFF)

16 August 2011

This is what happens when I try to get creative with my poses. Awkward. I’m really terrible at twirl photos, and this is the best one I have.

Light on the accessories. I’m wearing my grandmother’s vintage engagement ring and wedding band. They’re a little small for my right hand, but I think they go well with a ring passed to me from a friend’s grandmother (costume jewelry, I would never take anything meaningful).

I’ve recently become obsessed with this sweater again. I used to love it when I was younger… I think I’ve had it since I was sixteen. I spent most of the day applying for jobs, which is really coincidental with this week’s FBFF questions: dream jobs!

1. Fess up – if you could do anything professionally what would it be? Personal shopper! Or professional gift buyer.

2. What draws you to this? I like helping people select clothing that fits and that they actually want to wear. I want to make people feel good about themselves. My friends have been requesting my services since about the 8th grade and they still call me to say I need this, take me shopping!

3. When did you first start dreaming about this ideal? Ehhh… recently? Last December, when I decided to stop searching for jobs in politics and international affairs (what my degree is in) because after a year it led to nothing and was making me sad. So instead I started interning for a jewelry company in New York.

4. What’s holding you back from going all in? Truthfully, I don’t know that it would still be something I would want to do if it was an actual full time job. And running your own business is hard, I’d rather work for a company because I’d have more exposure to the fashion world and I think I’d have more opportunities to meet people as well. But perhaps I’ll revisit the idea in ten years or so.

5. Sometimes the first step is the hardest… what’s one step you can take now on the way to realizing your dream? I’m applying for jobs in fashion right now, specifically in PR, marketing, and social media. If you know of any openings send them my way!

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Last Minute Change

25 March 2011

I’m wearing most of this, I swear, I just switched out the skirt last minute for a new one I got at J.Crew for $19.99 during the ice storm on Wednesday (seriously, I had to seek shelter).  The new skirt is a washed black cargo, similar to this but chino instead of denim.  It also looks a little less ragged and grey than my old Urban Outfitters skirt, which is a definite improvement.

This is the same scarf necklace that I wore here.  It looks very different depending on the way I tie it and I really enjoyed the versatility.  I may borrow it again for the weekend!

This week has made me want to revisit the idea of turning this into a black and white photography only blog.  I really really like black and white photos.

Join us for the last day?  Yesterday Lydia wore another fab skirt she made!

Spring Outerwear: Pink Coat

19 Mar 2011

I may have brought out this coat a little too early… I don’t think it’s spring trench weather quite yet (especially because it rained ice on my head twice today) although clearly last weekend I thought it was.  I’m just very happy to be able to have a little more variety with everything I wear.

I hope your first week of spring is… well, springy.  I know I could probably do without pelting by ice chunks.

Black and White Week!  If your skies are looking a little grey why not post in monochrome?

Coach scarf and coat, Anthropologie shirt (under there somewhere), LOFT skirt, Commando tights, Deena & Ozzy/Urban Outfitters shoes.

It’s Beginning To Be Spring

This necklace was an amazing piece to borrow.  It’s rose gold, which I’ve never had the opportunity to wear before.  I’ve decided I like it better than yellow gold.

So.  One last color set before Black and White Week starts on Monday.  Visit my partner in crime at Chic on the Cheap to see Lydia’s black and white photos too!

Grab the banner and join us!

You may have noticed my absence yesterday on a day that I normally always post.  I participated in For Japan With Love, a bloggers day of silence to raise money and awareness for the situation in Japan.


I think I’ve probably shared this already, but I studied abroad in Japan for spring semester 2008 during college.  Japan is also one of my top international destinations: I’ve been three times.  None of my friends live farther north than Tokyo so I’m relieved that they’re well out of the disaster area.

I wasn’t blogging yet during study abroad and none of my photos got viewed by anyone other than probably my sorority sisters and neighbors.  I’m finally sharing my adventures now, these photos were all taken with my old Sony and I so wish I had the Canon then, can’t even imagine the amazing photos I would have gotten!

In rough chronological order from January to May 2008, click through if you want to see them larger on flickr.

Fushimi Inari, the shrine of the god of rice.

Looking out over Kyoto, taken somewhere near the top of Fushimi Inari.

Kobe, near the harbor.

In Chiran they don’t decorate the sidewalks with something as common as grass… no, they have koi ponds between the sidewalk and the street.  Of course they do.

Standing at the bottom of an active volcano looking back towards Kagoshima, a southern regional capitol.

Sakurajima (an active volcano) in the background.  Sakura were just beginning to bloom in the south.

Shops in Gion (a district in Kyoto, also the setting of Memoirs of a Geisha) during the sakura viewing festival.

Sakura and a traditional gate in Gion near Yasaka Shrine.

View from up top in Roppongi Hills (Tokyo).

And because this is a fashion blog I’ll point out three fashiony photos from Tokyo: (1) Takeshita Street is one of the main streets in Harajuku.


(2) Yohji Yamamoto storefront in Omotesando.  It’s very austere inside.

(3) Tsumori Chisato’s super cool window display in Omotesando.  I really regret not getting photos of the inside of the Comme des Garçons store, it looked like the MOMA.

The always bright Dotombori district in Osaka.  Tsutaya is like the Japanese Barnes and Noble, there are even Starbucks in most of them.

Sunrise over the rooftops on my last day in Japan.

FBFF & Winter Outerwear: Belted Coat

This week for FBFF Katy says:
Finding the balance – I think this is one of the hardest things for us as bloggers to deal with. How do you do it all and still live, work and play as you should?
1. When it comes to prioritizing your life, in what place does blogging fall?
Blogging is important to me but I do occasionally skip posting if I’m really pressed for time.  I like to keep up with blogs and social media because I do digital media (sales & marketing dept.) for a jewelry company.  It’s important for me to be on the cutting edge of what’s happening on the web, so I feel like I can sometimes push off other things in order to do blog things.

2. We all wish we had more free time to dedicate to blogging and all it entails. What are your tricks for taking advantage of the time you do have to be as productive as possible?
I do multiple things at once whenever I’m on a computer… which actually isn’t the case when I’m not doing work on a computer.  When I’m writing posts for my blog I’m usually also reading other blogs, editing photos, online shopping, gchatting people, responding to emails, playing Tiny Wings on my phone, watching Bones, cooking, eating…

3. Have you discovered any short-cuts that makes blogging easier or more time efficient?
I always queue posts for the next day, usually for 10am.  I also try to reply to comments on my phone when I have a little time.  I’ve tried to reply with email but I don’t think it works.  That would probably help me though so I should try it again!

4. Do you have an editorial calendar or something similar that helps you plan ahead?
I have a rough schedule that I’m trying out, posting Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday.  Before I joined FBFF I used to post Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, which is still my favorite schedule.  Although I do have a rough idea of when I’ll post photos

5. If time wasn’t an issue what you would be doing on your blog/for your blog that you aren’t doing now?
I would probably read more blogs actually, not do anything more with my blog.  I’m always lamenting that I don’t even have enough time for the blogs I read now and I think I only follow between 100 and 150 blogs total.  There are so many great blogs I wish I had time to read daily or even weekly!

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26 Feb 2011

I don’t have a lot of photos from this day because I was running out somewhere and it was a little dark and cloudy.  These are from so long ago that snow was on the ground.  Sorry, time management and all (that’s why this post is a two-for-one!).  I’ve been less good with posting on my schedule lately.

I’ve been very into black and navy lately, not exactly sure why.  This is one of my lightest winter coats and I actually wear it most in October and March… not exactly the dead of winter!  My other winter outwear posts are VintageSnow FallingThree Old FavoritesSnowstorm of the Week, and Black and White.  Soon hopefully I’ll be posting about spring outerwear?  If the rain lets up!

Winter Outerwear: Black and White

17 Feb 2011

Warmth!  It was very welcome after all the snow, rain, and freezing rain lately.  I even have proof that I wasn’t the only crazy out without a jacket, the guy in the background is totally carrying his.  Sorry for no post yesterday, so much to do lately!  And sorry I’ve been a really bad blog reader/commenter too, I’m hoping to become up to date with everyone later in the week.

This coat isn’t actually winter outerwear because it’s so light, but I was able to wear it one day at the beginning of the thaw.  The snow is melting and I hope there won’t be any more.  I love snow but it was a seriously snowy winter.  Some of my other winter outwear posts are Vintage, Snow Falling, Three Old Favorites, and Snowstorm of the Week.

I really like this ring!  But I had to give it back.

Forever 21 coat, Francesca’s Collections shirt, BDG/Urban Outfitters skirt, Assets by Sara Blakely tights, Cole Haan shoes, b-side by ken and dana jewelry.

A Bit of Lace

(and one more fail lens flare photo.  sigh.  one day.)

Monday 24 Jan 2011

Look!  The sidewalk!  You can see it!  But it’s still treacherous, I’m still in boots and desperately missing my heels.  These boots from Target have ended up being the surprise MVP of snow season and saved me from having a footwear repeat meltdown.  I’m pretty positive they’re made of oiled leather (they have that feeling, you know?), and they’re completely waterproof, I stand more than ankle deep in the snow all the time and while my feet get cold after a while they do stay dry!  Now if only I could have them lined in shearling…

Hope you’re having a good weekend!  I’ll be attending a dinner party tonight, what to wear… what to wear…



Alexander Wang tunic, Urban Outfitters camisole, J Brand Jeans, Xhilaration/Target boots.

Looking a Little Chromatic Aberrated

Friday 14 Jan 2011

Dear Friends,

Next time I’ll correct the photos, I promise.  But this time I didn’t because the chromatic aberration (pinkish hair in the first photo) matches my shirt and I rather like it.  Sometimes I do casual Friday kinds of looks.  And most of times I wear pants are on Fridays.  Okay, so I’m only calling this casual because I’m wearing a plaid shirt and flat boots.

I bought this shirt on super clearance more than a year ago from the juniors section of JC Penney, I think it’s like an XXL or something.  I love its loose, longer fit and I’ve been trying to find more shirts just like it!  (No luck so far.)  When I bought it I never thought I would get so much wear out of it, but it’s actually become one of my favorite pieces.

I replaced the usual belt with my often-seen LOFT double wrap belt for something different.  Out of curiosity, does anyone have Commando tights?  I’m still on the search for truly opaque ones and I’ve heard Commando are the absolute best aside from Wolford, but Wolford are soooo expensive.

Love, Alex

JC Penney juniors shirt, BDG/Urban Outfitters skirt, LOFT belt, Assets tights, Target boots.

Sunlight Through the Trees

Worn on Thursday 23 Dec 2010 – Christmas Eve Eve

So I forgot about these photos from a few days before Christmas.  I was at the airport at 5am… blah.  Not the earliest flight I’d ever taken but definitely the earliest in a long time.  Usually if I’m up at 4am it means I never went to sleep, it was a bit odd getting up without the sun!  Soo sooooo dark!

For a different look I folded down the top of the my over the knee boots.  And also to make getting through airport security easier, shoe removal in the US ugh.  Scarf removal too, I forgot about my tiny little scarf and I had to go back and send it through to be X-rayed!

Anthropologie sweater, Old Navy shirt (under there somewhere), BGD/Urban Outfitters skirt, Assets tights, Jeffrey Campbell boots.