Black and White Week: So Dark

I can’t believe it was this dark around 5pm before Daylight Savings.  Yes, I took these a while ago.  I typically never post on Wednesdays, I’m throwing off my schedule and I hadn’t posted these yet.  I decided to experiment with the red filter setting in Aperture (I usually use yellow).  Red seems to have more contrast, the darks hold but the lights definitely appear lighter. Interesting.

Borrowed this cool necklace from my internship.  It’s made with a vintage scarf!

Visit Chic on the Cheap too see what Lydia’s wearing in black and white too!

It’s Beginning To Be Spring

This necklace was an amazing piece to borrow.  It’s rose gold, which I’ve never had the opportunity to wear before.  I’ve decided I like it better than yellow gold.

So.  One last color set before Black and White Week starts on Monday.  Visit my partner in crime at Chic on the Cheap to see Lydia’s black and white photos too!

Grab the banner and join us!

You may have noticed my absence yesterday on a day that I normally always post.  I participated in For Japan With Love, a bloggers day of silence to raise money and awareness for the situation in Japan.


I think I’ve probably shared this already, but I studied abroad in Japan for spring semester 2008 during college.  Japan is also one of my top international destinations: I’ve been three times.  None of my friends live farther north than Tokyo so I’m relieved that they’re well out of the disaster area.

I wasn’t blogging yet during study abroad and none of my photos got viewed by anyone other than probably my sorority sisters and neighbors.  I’m finally sharing my adventures now, these photos were all taken with my old Sony and I so wish I had the Canon then, can’t even imagine the amazing photos I would have gotten!

In rough chronological order from January to May 2008, click through if you want to see them larger on flickr.

Fushimi Inari, the shrine of the god of rice.

Looking out over Kyoto, taken somewhere near the top of Fushimi Inari.

Kobe, near the harbor.

In Chiran they don’t decorate the sidewalks with something as common as grass… no, they have koi ponds between the sidewalk and the street.  Of course they do.

Standing at the bottom of an active volcano looking back towards Kagoshima, a southern regional capitol.

Sakurajima (an active volcano) in the background.  Sakura were just beginning to bloom in the south.

Shops in Gion (a district in Kyoto, also the setting of Memoirs of a Geisha) during the sakura viewing festival.

Sakura and a traditional gate in Gion near Yasaka Shrine.

View from up top in Roppongi Hills (Tokyo).

And because this is a fashion blog I’ll point out three fashiony photos from Tokyo: (1) Takeshita Street is one of the main streets in Harajuku.


(2) Yohji Yamamoto storefront in Omotesando.  It’s very austere inside.

(3) Tsumori Chisato’s super cool window display in Omotesando.  I really regret not getting photos of the inside of the Comme des Garçons store, it looked like the MOMA.

The always bright Dotombori district in Osaka.  Tsutaya is like the Japanese Barnes and Noble, there are even Starbucks in most of them.

Sunrise over the rooftops on my last day in Japan.

Feeling Blustery

So remember when I talked about trying to cheer myself up when I’m feeling blah?  These photos were taken on one of those days.  It all started with me trying to wear these navy Merona/Target tights I picked up a few weeks ago.  They were on sale and they felt like good quality (they’re from the Premium line).  I had been wanting navy tights so I bought them.  Also, people seem to like the tights at Target a lot.

I bought S/M because my height and weight put me firmly in that size, but I definitely should have bought M/L or just gone with We Love Colors.  If you have a small waist I highly recommend them, the Merona tights should work perfectly for you.  And I will say that they’re good quality because they’re thick and feel like they would hold up well.  But if I want to wear them I’ll have fit some Spanx underneath.

Anyway, I was feeling blahhhhh raaarrrr these are too small but just want to wear my navy tights!  But I decided to change them out for black opaques, my favorites.  And then I said to myself: self, this is nothing you can’t fix by pulling your Rodarte for Target dress and some three inch heels.  Who cares if you’ll be sleeveless in 34 degree weather, you’re the only one that might be cold.  And then out into the blustery weather I went.  I had to take photos, of course.

And when I came back in I had a few spoonfulls of almond butter and a raw Pillsbury Valentine’s cookie just for good measure.

And I certainly felt a bit more cheery.

Rodarte for Target dress, LOFT belt, HUE tights, Sofft shoes.

That last photo is almost normal.  The rest are totally windblown!

The Purples

sunday 6 feb 2011

Hello my dears!  I didn’t feel strongly about either team playing the Super Bowl this year so I decided I needed to wear nearly head-to-toe purple.  I hardly every do monochrome unless it’s head to toe black so this outfit was… interesting for me.  Maybe I should have gone with the cream camisole after all?  I know I look rather out of season but I seriously couldn’t resist, it was 38 degrees.  That’s a huge heatwave considering it’s been falling to the teens after the sun goes down!

Seriously though, how tired of snow boots are you?  I needed to wear this floral sweater to brighten up my winter.  Bye, have a good weekend, and happy fashion week!!



J.Crew cardigan and bracelets, Old Navy camisole, LOFT skirt and belt, HUE tights, Mossimo/Target boots.

Again and Again and Again and Again

Monday 17 Jan 2011

Last week I really went sort of… extremely minimal on styling.  I did take a few photos with lace from a slip sticking out of my dress.  Better with or without?

And!  Finally!  A better photo of the vintage Coach bag that belonged to my grandmother.  It’s been hiding out in my closet for years.  I never carried it because I didn’t want to clean out the things inside: an old blue pen, tissues, some loose change, a Trident gum wrapper, and a change purse I can remember my grandmother having forever.  I didn’t want to discard any of those memories so I kept everything.  I left the pen and gum wrapper in the back pocket and tucked the change purse away somewhere safe (where it won’t disintegrate).  This is perhaps the most personal thing I have ever revealed on this style blog.  Now you know why– I’m extremely oversentimental.

I’ve worn this dress so many times and photographed it at least four now for the blog.  It’s an old old favorite from Commander Salamander (so old it’s from when Commander Salamander used to be good) in Georgetown.  And yes, I totally looked like a fool walking into that store.

Love, Alex
Commander Salamander dress, A.C. Moore belt (from leather for jewelry), HUE tights, Target boots, vintage Coach bag.

Nov 2010 on an unseasonably warm day.

Sept 2010 in one of my first DSLR photos.

March 2010 on a deceptively sunny and warm looking day.

Edit:  Sorry about the weird formatting.  I thought I would do something cool and caption the photos but weird things keep happening with them.

Edit 2:  I think I fixed it, but it still isn’t how I intended.  Oh well.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Originally posted on 1.12.11 on Alex Elizabeth.

Worn on Wednesday 5 Jan 2011

These are back photos from before the snow.

On Wednesday I went to Pottery Barn for euro shams.  I ended up getting mismatched ones, one of which is from the faux sheepskin collection.  And I might have to go back for the throw.  I got it for my friends as a wedding gift last year and I had a really hard time giving it away!

I wore my oxfords because I ended up with a private yoga lesson Tuesday night.  I was the only one at class and it was kind of killer.  I felt really unsteady Wednesday morning and I actually made the responsible decision to wear completely flat shoes.

Sorry my shirt is doing weird things in these photos.  I almost steamed it but then I decided I liked it wrinkled.  The front is silk and just didn’t want to drape properly when tucked into the skirt.  I like this shirt so much that I sort of want it in the other two colors too… I have always had a problem with wanting multiples of clothes I love!

J.Crew shirt, Anthropologie/Odille skirt, Anthropologie belt, HUE tights, Cole Haan oxfords, LV bag + Coach scarf.

I also made the cookies featured on Stylish White Female back in December.  I intended to make them back in December but ran out of time during the holidays.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that these are so sweet they actually gave me a headache (and I adore sweets).  A good thing because I can only eat two at a time… a bad thing if I can’t have just two!  I’ll definitely be making these again!  Maybe next time a little less sugar :)

Sunny Dress in the Snow

Monday 27Dec 2010

I still have a few photos left from last year, I’ve been posting a lot less because of the holidays.  I’m also still so behind on blog reading partly because Tumblr is always down and partly because I am just really behind.  I think I have 200 posts backed up in my Bloglovin or something :P  I’m here, guys, and I’m working on reading!

It’s been so windy here lately!  I got some funny photos of my hair literally sticking straight up… yeah, attractive.  I don’t like when it’s windy so much in the winter because it makes it just that much colder outside.  And it can cause your car to feel like it’s blowing off the road, I seriously thought something was wrong with my steering for like 20 minutes (go me) before I figured out the wind was just that strong!  I hope your new year has gotten off to a good start!  I celebrated by cleaning house (most of it) and not taking photos (Juicy Couture velour (enough said)).

J.Crew sweater, Free People dress, Target belt, HUE tights, Arturo Chiang boots.

More Uninspiration

Worn on Thursday 16 Dec 2010

Sorry for the blogging delays this week, you know, the holidays… Hopefully I’ll have another one tomorrow!  And I’ll use the queue and hopefully hopefully have a little bit more time over the weekend! 

So last week I was having a really uninspired week.  Because this jersey sweater thing is actually loungewear.  And I’ve almost but not quite worn this before.  I went through all of my sweaters due to the sudden actual winter weather… and ran out of everything that wasn’t a sleeveless blouse.  I had a pile of laundry the size of Mont Blanc, seriously.  Holiday stress probably zapping my creativity… that and the abscessed tooth that’s about to need a root canal (please I hope not, I have no dental insurance).  Going to the dentist today, I hope they can try to hold me over until January when I think I will have at least some dental insurance! 

I hope everyone is enjoying time out of the office, but if you’re in the office like me I wish you a slow enough day that you can write a blog post if you want (like me)!

LOFT lounge cotton jersey open cardigan thing, Anthropologie shirt, J. Crew skirt, Target belt, HUE tights, Frye boots. 

Last Week

Worn on 9 Dec 2010

It didn’t look too much like December last week although it was certainly cold and windy enough!  Sunny, windy days are actually my favorite although standing around outside without outwear is definitely not.  Luckily I just bought two wool sweaters!

This is one of my new J.Crew sweaters from the 30% off sale, I think it was $30 down from $88?  If there’s anything you’ve been eyeing from J.Crew they currently have extra 30% off sale (it’s the last day) and a ton of sweaters are priced in the $30-50 range!  I think I now own five winter weight sweaters, so I’ll actually be weather-appropriately attired this winter!  Now I guess I just need to work on long-sleeved shirts and better tights! 

J.Crew sweater, shirt, belt; LOFT skirt; HUE tights; Deena & Ozzy (Urban Outfitters) shoes. 

P.S. I have no idea what happened to that fake deer’s head… it looks kind of creepy now. 

Tumblr Lost My Queue

Mad mad mad mad mad.  Tumblr lost the post I queued last night.  It showed I had a post in the queue all day today, but it wasn’t actually there and it never posted.  I’ve already started on a WordPress but the transition will be long, it honestly might be a few months.  WordPress is complicated.  Maybe I’ll be switching back to Blogger and then to WordPress, I don’t know, but I’m really tired of… everything.  

Worn on Sunday 5 Dec 2010

So how’s this for blog connection of the week:  I found the BonBon Rose Girls from Beautifully Invisible and somehow they found me… and we were visiting each others blogs at the exact same time.  How do I know this?  They left me two very nice timestamped comments!  Seriously though, that’s crazy, like ESPN or something kind of crazy. You might have also noticed that I joined the Rosebud Network for bloggers.  There are a lot of awesome members, I’m happy to be part of the network!  

Ella Moss shirt, Express skirt, LOFT belt, HUE tights, Sofft shoes.