Looking a Little Chromatic Aberrated

Friday 14 Jan 2011

Dear Friends,

Next time I’ll correct the photos, I promise.  But this time I didn’t because the chromatic aberration (pinkish hair in the first photo) matches my shirt and I rather like it.  Sometimes I do casual Friday kinds of looks.  And most of times I wear pants are on Fridays.  Okay, so I’m only calling this casual because I’m wearing a plaid shirt and flat boots.

I bought this shirt on super clearance more than a year ago from the juniors section of JC Penney, I think it’s like an XXL or something.  I love its loose, longer fit and I’ve been trying to find more shirts just like it!  (No luck so far.)  When I bought it I never thought I would get so much wear out of it, but it’s actually become one of my favorite pieces.

I replaced the usual belt with my often-seen LOFT double wrap belt for something different.  Out of curiosity, does anyone have Commando tights?  I’m still on the search for truly opaque ones and I’ve heard Commando are the absolute best aside from Wolford, but Wolford are soooo expensive.

Love, Alex

JC Penney juniors shirt, BDG/Urban Outfitters skirt, LOFT belt, Assets tights, Target boots.


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    It’s always funny how you can’t always anticipate wardrobe pieces that become the most frequently worn! Good luck with your tights search! I usually just ‘double up’ on my tights in really cold weather when they aren’t thick or opaque enough, but obviously that wouldn’t be necessary with higher quality ones.

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      Just bought the Commando tights from Nordstrom today. They have a good return policy if I don’t like them, but I really hope they work! I used to double up too, but I ended up with odd looking… I don’t even know what it’s called but weird stripy things would show up on them all the time :(

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    I can’t say that I have Commando tights. But you’ve inspired something I’m going to put on my wish list: a double wrap belt. Yours is so cute! The pictures are pretty sweet. Yay for sunshine finally!