Where The Road Goes

This cross necklace is one of the surprise MVPs of the things I’ve borrowed.  It’s more versatile than I originally thought and it adds a bit of edge to anything.  Definitely one of ny favorites to borrow, although this is the first time I’ve worn the gold version.

For some reason this vest never makes it into photos, I don’t know why… it’s a little camera shy.  I just realized that it’s almost Easter and I don’t have anything to wear.  Okay, that’s a lie, but when I was younger I used to have Easter dresses.  I got a new dress for Easter every year and then I’d probably wear it again for any events in the summer.  I guess I’ve never gotten over that and every spring leaves me with a need-to-get-a-dress-now-it’s-almost-Easter-ahhhh feeling.

Ugh.  This wind!

Rain Rain Go Away

So about that spring thing… aren’t torrential downpours fun?  I had to put up my hair despite the umbrella as it was impossible to go out on Saturday without being soaked.  I swear it was raining from the ground up to the sky at one point.  I hardly ever put my hair up but am strongly considering it as a regular style due to the excessive amounts of rain… and I think it’s never a bad time for a bit of change.  I’m also taking suggestions for different hairstyles (bored of my short cut) but keep in mind that the back is significantly shorter and barely covers my neck.

I had a rather lazy Saturday and at one point I think I was actually a zombie, my allergies were that bad.  I’ve been doing the crazy hyped up/spaced out Mucinex DM thing since then and I’m not sure if I’m going to pass out or bounce off the walls right now.  But good news, I’m much better than I was on Saturday!

I had a little fun with some borrowed jewelry too.  The seafoam color of the ring and earrings just went so well with my ombre sweater.  I think I’m definitely going to try wearing this color combination again this spring.  I’m adding seafoam to the list of colors I’m committed to finding.

Spring Outerwear: Pink Coat

19 Mar 2011

I may have brought out this coat a little too early… I don’t think it’s spring trench weather quite yet (especially because it rained ice on my head twice today) although clearly last weekend I thought it was.  I’m just very happy to be able to have a little more variety with everything I wear.

I hope your first week of spring is… well, springy.  I know I could probably do without pelting by ice chunks.

Black and White Week!  If your skies are looking a little grey why not post in monochrome?

Coach scarf and coat, Anthropologie shirt (under there somewhere), LOFT skirt, Commando tights, Deena & Ozzy/Urban Outfitters shoes.

Grown Up Gossip Girl

7 Feb 2010

Still working on postmarks with the actual date.  Sometime soon I hope!  I might have to buy some, I’m not talented enough with graphics to create my own/don’t have the patience to learn.

This was my original Gossip Girl look.  This dress reminds me a lot of early Gossip Girl actually, like season one early.  I love the design but the fabric tends to frustrate me because it wrinkles so easily– that’s a €15 dress, I suppose.  I have good memories attached to it though.  Shopping in Ireland!  I do wish I had gone to some of the vintage stores but I hadn’t yet realized how good and popular they are at the time that I visited.  Next time for sure!

Happy Monday, everyone!  I’m in Chelsea today if anyone’s around (i.e. let’s go drink coffee at 5 and call it happy hour).



J.Crew cardigan and belt, Atmosphere (I think, got in Ireland) dress, Commando tights, Frye shoes, LV bag, Coach scarf and sunglasses.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Originally posted on 1.12.11 on Alex Elizabeth.

Worn on Wednesday 5 Jan 2011

These are back photos from before the snow.

On Wednesday I went to Pottery Barn for euro shams.  I ended up getting mismatched ones, one of which is from the faux sheepskin collection.  And I might have to go back for the throw.  I got it for my friends as a wedding gift last year and I had a really hard time giving it away!

I wore my oxfords because I ended up with a private yoga lesson Tuesday night.  I was the only one at class and it was kind of killer.  I felt really unsteady Wednesday morning and I actually made the responsible decision to wear completely flat shoes.

Sorry my shirt is doing weird things in these photos.  I almost steamed it but then I decided I liked it wrinkled.  The front is silk and just didn’t want to drape properly when tucked into the skirt.  I like this shirt so much that I sort of want it in the other two colors too… I have always had a problem with wanting multiples of clothes I love!

J.Crew shirt, Anthropologie/Odille skirt, Anthropologie belt, HUE tights, Cole Haan oxfords, LV bag + Coach scarf.

I also made the cookies featured on Stylish White Female back in December.  I intended to make them back in December but ran out of time during the holidays.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that these are so sweet they actually gave me a headache (and I adore sweets).  A good thing because I can only eat two at a time… a bad thing if I can’t have just two!  I’ll definitely be making these again!  Maybe next time a little less sugar :)

Cardigan Part One: Daytime

10.19.10 – Tuesday – I Don’t Know Why It Is So Warm

This is the first time I’ve ever worn this cardigan with something other than pants and the first time I’ve ever worn it open.  I think I would definitely like it better with a belt, so I changed for night later and added one.  

My friend is convinced that the title of this post should be Springtime for Hitler (yeah she was in theatre) because it looks like spring and apparently my sweater is Nazi red.  Yeah, not really sure that I saw it either.  But speaking of Hitler and Nazis, I just started reading Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut and and of course I’m totally obsessed.  I predict that I’ll probably finish the book by tomorrow.  I’ve read a lot of Vonnegut and even heard him speak — probably the best commencement speech ever!  

I’m messing with the blog layout again, and I may change the header.  I also enlarged the photos by 80 pixels and I’m finally using flickr for real!  Sorry about the mess though, it’s likely to continue all week.  

Banana Republic sweater, Anthropologie shirt, J. Crew skirt, Sofft shoes.  

My Hair Needs A Professional Stylist Every Day

10.18.10 – Monday – Salon

I finally got the ends of my hair cleaned up, I wanted to wait on cutting it until after the formal events for the fall season but that puts me at mid-December for the next cut… not exactly ideal.  But I don’t think I can wait until after the winter holidays, it will probably look very scraggly!  

Lately I’ve been… I don’t know what to call it… getting back to my roots?  Wearing a lot of black, lace, really feeling matte sequins.  Okay, so when I started exploring fashion a lot more in high school matte sequins may not have existed… but black, dramatic pieces did and I promise promise promise to scrounge up some photos or at least some of the pieces I still have from that era!  Then you can all see what kind of a crazy I was (am). 

Ellen Tracy jacket, Francesca’s Collections cardigan, Free People dress, HUE tights, Frye boots, LOFT belt.  

Music Festival

8.11.2010 ~ Wednesday

Yes, I’m ridiculous, this is my idea of what to wear to a music festival.  I was both reasonably cool and comfortable in the intense night time humidity. I consider it a resounding success, especially as I was at least wearing a shirt (some people were not).

Also, does anyone know… are gladiators on their way out?  I haven’t worn these shoes all summer because I’ve been over them for a while although I’m still seeing them in stores.  

Anthropologie shirt, LOFT skirt, Clarks sandals (Japan, they sell much better ones there! i.e. I would love to have these clogs for walking shoes but they’re UK/Japan, not available in the US of course), LV pochette.  

P.S. Okay tumblr, why won’t the html to remove the image border work?  In fact, why does it not even save?  Grrrr…