Where The Road Goes

This cross necklace is one of the surprise MVPs of the things I’ve borrowed.  It’s more versatile than I originally thought and it adds a bit of edge to anything.  Definitely one of ny favorites to borrow, although this is the first time I’ve worn the gold version.

For some reason this vest never makes it into photos, I don’t know why… it’s a little camera shy.  I just realized that it’s almost Easter and I don’t have anything to wear.  Okay, that’s a lie, but when I was younger I used to have Easter dresses.  I got a new dress for Easter every year and then I’d probably wear it again for any events in the summer.  I guess I’ve never gotten over that and every spring leaves me with a need-to-get-a-dress-now-it’s-almost-Easter-ahhhh feeling.

Ugh.  This wind!


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    I really miss the days when my grandma bought me a new dress and shoes for easter. Every year, it was pretty much the most important thing in the world to her.
    But now she has dementia and doesn’t really know who I am, and tells me my clothes look like costumes.

    Anyway, I really love the pale look, i think the gold cross was a good choice for this; light jeans nude pumps, cream vest – yes, it had to be gold.

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      Sounds like my grandmother when she was alive (Alzheimer’s). I do kind of miss going over dresses in catalogs for Easter, but I definitely don’t miss the styles! The nineties… shudder.