Black and White Week: So Dark

I can’t believe it was this dark around 5pm before Daylight Savings.  Yes, I took these a while ago.  I typically never post on Wednesdays, I’m throwing off my schedule and I hadn’t posted these yet.  I decided to experiment with the red filter setting in Aperture (I usually use yellow).  Red seems to have more contrast, the darks hold but the lights definitely appear lighter. Interesting.

Borrowed this cool necklace from my internship.  It’s made with a vintage scarf!

Visit Chic on the Cheap too see what Lydia’s wearing in black and white too!

Grown Up Gossip Girl

7 Feb 2010

Still working on postmarks with the actual date.  Sometime soon I hope!  I might have to buy some, I’m not talented enough with graphics to create my own/don’t have the patience to learn.

This was my original Gossip Girl look.  This dress reminds me a lot of early Gossip Girl actually, like season one early.  I love the design but the fabric tends to frustrate me because it wrinkles so easily– that’s a €15 dress, I suppose.  I have good memories attached to it though.  Shopping in Ireland!  I do wish I had gone to some of the vintage stores but I hadn’t yet realized how good and popular they are at the time that I visited.  Next time for sure!

Happy Monday, everyone!  I’m in Chelsea today if anyone’s around (i.e. let’s go drink coffee at 5 and call it happy hour).



J.Crew cardigan and belt, Atmosphere (I think, got in Ireland) dress, Commando tights, Frye shoes, LV bag, Coach scarf and sunglasses.

Hello hello baby you called I can’t hear a thing

7.30.2010 ~ Friday

Don’t I look like I can’t hear what you’re saying?  I have to say, I’m a bit on the fence about this dress.  I don’t like the pleats in the front, and the fabric is le crappy.  I was sort of feeling Gossip Girl when I got it… yeah.  Not really sure if it works.  It’s probably best with the cardigan?  

J. Crew cardigan, Atmosphere (Penney’s – Ireland) dress, J. Crew belt, Anne Cole shoes.